Our trip to Jamaica, life and the babies.

The Caribbean Sea was our playground for the week.
Our resort: Riu Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
Sunrise from our balcony. It overlooked a pond, gardens and gazebo, which was filled with birds, frogs and fish. To our right was one of the swimming pools, then past that was the beach.

Me and my bestie (and daughter) Jess.

The whole group of us who travelled to Jamaica for the week and attended Sara and Dan's wedding

Sara and Dan's first dance as husband and wife...on the beach with a full moon shining down on them.

Me, my friend and sister-in-law (mother of the groom) Nancy, her daughter and my niece Julie, and of course my daughter Jessica. Jess and Julie have been special friends since they were born.

My nephew (best man) Joe and his beautiful fiance Chantel. They are planning on getting married in September 2012 in the Peterborough area. No travelling for Joe's wedding!
My Dad (Frank Perilli) and his wife Sylvia flew from Naniamo BC to Jamaica for the week.
Me and my brother (father of the groom) Terry.

Dan and his best man, his brother (my nephew) Joe.

The area where the wedding ceremony took place. It was absolutely beautiful.
The dining room all decorated for the wedding dinner. The food and the company was fantastic.
The sweet flower girl filling her purse with sand!
After the wedding dinner and speeches, we went for a beach party. We had music, tiki torches, drinks, wedding cake and dancing!

Sara and Dan having a tender moment after the ceremony
Our gorgeous bride: Sara Watkins-Perilli.

The gorgeous bridal party!

As wonderful as the week was, I was still happy to get home. I missed my house, hubby, dog and grandbabies! I have been busy recovering from our trip. we have had company off and on the past 5 weeks, so it seems like the summer is flying by!
Our almost son Branislav Rehus has been staying with us while he goes to hockey camp. It is wonderful to have him here, but sadly we had to put him on a plane back to Slovakia! Jeff is going to save his pennies for a trip over there this winter.

Brani and Jeff in the boat fishing!

Now I am busy with my lists again...this time I am packing for our annual trip to Skeleton Lake which is an island cottage in the Muskoka's in Ontario. This is our 7th year going to the same cottage. We just love it..the quiet calms us down, and we nap, eat, sleep, fish, read, craft, eat and nap some more all day and night. This year we are going for 10 days.

We babysat the babies last night for a few hours, and had a blast. Little Owen (2 1/2 years) is getting to be quite the little man. He repeats every single thing you say and then comes out with the darndest things. He was so good! Little Avery with her pierced ears is now almost 6 months. She is her Grandpa's girl for sure. I barely got a chance to hold her, except for when she needed her diaper changed. Grandpa plops her on his belly, and she is quite happy there. He fed her, burped her, and rocked her on that belly of his, and put her right to sleep!!! Here are a couple of pictures of the babies.

Have a safe and happy long weekend, and I shall write again when we return from the cottage.