Easter wishes.

I am wishing all of my blog friends and family the happiest of Easters.

We are heading to Norwood for a feast tonight with Jeff's family, and tomorrow we are going to Jake and Kerri's house for another feast!! I think that the diet will have to start on Monday!

The mailman brought me a surprise...well he brought the usual bills too, but he left a package from Susan of Keepsake Korner. She had already sent me a beautiful dolly when we had a Valentine swap, but she also sent me some Easter goodies made by her. Susan, thank you so very, very much...you didn't need to do that, but I am sure glad that you did!!
Here is my loot below:

The stitching is just beautiful, and I will treasure it always.

I also received some goodies in the mail from Char at the Pickled Pepper Patch. We exchanged spring handmade and once again I think that I got the better end of the exchange. Unfortunately, I can't find the pictures I took of the goodies Char sent, but there was a beautiful stitchery, three aged bunnies, some of Char's new tart melter's that scented up the whole house beautifully, and some cozy, fluffy socks which I have worn already!!

I have been busy with family, gardens, the MS walk which was a huge success, due in mostly to daughter Jess's hard work, and the generosity of my family and friends! Lots of visits to specialists as well, and a new medication to battle against my MS which I start on Monday. It is called Tysabri, and I am hopeful that it will slow down the Optic Neuritis attacks and give me some more energy. Now that the snow is mostly gone, and I can get outside walking and working in the garden, I find that my mood has lifted. I think that it was a long, cold, dull winter for everyone this year, don't you?

Once again, I am wishing you all a wonderful Easter, and hope that you are spending it with your favorite people, like I am!