Gift from my Momma.

I am so very excited to show you all this most beautiful heirloom that my Mom passed on to me  this week!

If you click on the picture, you can see that the table expands by pulling open each end, just like a roll top desk! My DH Jeff made all of the chairs surrounding the table, plus two end/arm chairs that are in another room. This table is so very heavy and sturdy. After all, it has been around for a number of years. It belonged to an old dear friend of my Moms, who got it from his grandmother. Bob was always a friend to me, and when my Mom offered the table to me, I felt very honoured to have this family treasure in my home.

So, of course I quickly had to make up a spring vignette to go on the new table...don't you just love it?

I have been suffering from another Optic Neuritis attack through my SP Multiple Sclerosis, and am on very high, high doses of steroids. There is a plus side to this, as the Roids give me tremendous amounts of energy...probably not enough for the average person, but heavenly for me! They also make me very jittery, and I can't sit at any one thing for very long, but it has been great for getting some spring cleaning done. You all know the kind I mean, cupboards needing cleaning, closets, craft room cleaning and organizing, computer room, cleaning, dusting, floor washing, laundry, scrubbing bathrooms from top to bottom...stuff like that! I haven't had a nap since last week, and will be on these drugs for another three weeks....hmmmm, maybe the snow will all melt and I can get out and clean the gardens before this wears off. So far, the steroids haven't helped my eyes at all, and my vision is worsening each day as promised by the specialists. Now I have to sit my net book on my bent knees to see what I am typing. I am almost hoping (well, truth to be told, I am really hoping) that Jeff will buy me a new laptop for my birthday (yep...51 on the 14th folks!). My other laptop died, and I have been using my net book, which isn't really fast enough, or big enough for constant usage!

My DD Jess fears that by the time I am finished the drugs, I wont get out of bed for a month as I am overdoing things way to much! She is probably right, but I'm going to enjoy things while I can! I wish that I could spend the time stitching, as I can see a bit if I am sitting under my window with the light shinning through, but my body isn't cooperating. I have been out for two big walks in the past week with my trusty walker, and one short walk. Have to take advantage of the odd nice few hours weather wise that we have had. Since driving is out, I for one will be thrilled to be able to boogie around in my walker, and on the bus with no snow and ice on the sidewalks.

My DS Jake is bringing my grandson Owen over in a bit for a big play, and lunch, and will take him back home when it's his nap time. The new babe Avery, is doing amazingly well except that she sleeps in the morning for her big nap (which is why Jake wants to get noisy Owen out for a bit) does not sleep well in the afternoon, and night time. DIL Kerri, will hopefully be able to grab a few much needed hours of rest while we have the boys. Jake will bring his laptop and work while I spoil my grandson..who is officially two now! Tomorrow morning my dear SIL Nancy and I are going to Jake and Kerri's house so that she can see the new babe, and I'm tagging along for the ride. I will be sure to take my camera!

Got the hair dyed and cut this week as well as my eyebrow dyed and waxed, so I feel much better. I tried a slight different shaggy style this time, although my hair wasn't quite long enough for it! Next cut will be better.

Well, I have taken up enough of your time this morning, go out and enjoy the day everyone, and have another peek at my two darling grandchildren!

Wooly hugs,