The arrival of my beautiful granddaughter.

This is a very picture heavy post of my gorgeous granddaughter Avery Anne Lawson who was born to my son Jake and daughter-in-law Kerri on Feb. 11th 2011. Avery weighed in at 8lbs. 4oz. and is doing wonderful! Her big brother Owen who turned 2 on Feb. 16th is not the least bit jealous, and mostly just ignores Avery.

 Below are pictures of my granddaughter, baby Avery, my grandson Owen, hubby Jeff, daughter-in-law Kerri, son Jake, my daughter Jess, my Mom, Great Nana Beach, and me of course!


I was hoping to do another post this weekend with some crafty updates, but sadly my MS has reared its ugly head again with another bout of Optic Neuritis. So, over the next 7 to 10 days my eyes will get worse, while I sit here on my mega doses of IV steroids. Hopefully they wont get to bad this time, but I have already had my driving privileges reascended. I sure hope that spring is on its way so that I can get out at least in my walker....come on spring melt!!

Have a wonderful weekend friends and family,
Hugs Trudy