Saturday's stitching and reading and family.

Between stitching, I have been reading Under The Dome by Stephen King. Over 1,000 pages, and I am about halfway through. I read a bit, then stitched a bit when my eyes would allow. Since I have been housebound this week after having an ingrown toenail removed, I have had lots of time for both. Of course, my MS has been acting up as well, so naps have been taken almost every day too. I also found out that I have a severe B12 deficiency and I started B12 injections too. Maybe it will give me some energy, as I have been so exhausted this past month. Crossing my fingers anyway.

We are heading out today for a toboggan party with some of Jeff's old grade/high school friends. Needless to say, I will be the official photographer, and not a hill runner! It always makes me happy to have Jeff renew old acquaintances, even though half the time I have to 'force' him to do it! Today I'll go along for the ride, but I know that I can't always go, and that in the future there will be more and more times that I'll have to stay at home, and I don't want Jeff to miss out on anything. He will be glad to have gone, and hopefully will want to see them again.

This pile of lovely soft wool is going to be either a cloche or a baby blanket for our newest grandchild. I will probably end up making both!

Yes, I have even started back on my rug hooking. Once I finish up my baby stuff, and mail off my goodies for a Valentines swap I am in...the hooking will commence:-)

As you can see, I have a ton to do!

Some hearts I am stitching and stuffing.

A Valentine stitchery from Robin at the Bird in the Hand Primitives. She is so generous with her patterns.
A free stitchery pattern that I made up from either Chestnut Junction or Primitive Blessings. Check out either one, they have a ton of freebies!

My darling grandson Owen visited with us last week. We got to look after him while mom and dad went out for dinner. He is turning into such a little man, and we enjoy him more and more every time he comes over.

Having a cup of 'choc' milk is a necessity every time he visits. Today was 'choc' and fruit loops...oh, and some cake.

Now how did this hunting duck that was my grandpa's get into the midst of Owen's car cars?
He calls it his 'quack' and plays with it every time he comes over.
A little of Aunt Jessie's chocolate cake was enjoyed too!
Owen just loved playing with his 'new' chalkboard. He didn't take long to figure how to use the brush for cleaning as well.Gramps was up on the landing cheering Owen on, that's why he had such a beautiful smile. He was so excited that he could 'draw'.

Even Grammie got to have some fruit loops!

His Daddy Jake came and picked up a very tired boy at bedtime. Owen was loving the hat that his Nana Great got him for Christmas and wears it everywhere.

Only 13 more days until Baby Girl Lawson arrives! Jake's arms will be very full by then. I can't wait to snuggle with her. Mom Kerri is very anxious to get this business over with. She looks wonderful to me, but is suffering terribly with her back, and she feels like a balloon about to pop! You know that I will be snapping a zillion pictures of the new baby just as soon as she arrives!

I'm off for a bath, then to bandage up my toe so that I can get a sock and hopefully a boot on it for our Saturday adventure.