Happy December

Happy December 1st everyone.

Only 23 more sleeps until Santa comes...where is the time going? I have finished a lot of our shopping already, but there still seems to be quite a bit to do. If you can imagine, I haven't even got a list going yet! Yikes.  I have a few things to make and finish, but I always seem to work better with a deadline. I have spent quite a bit of time with my gorgeous grandson Owen this past week, as Jake and Kerri had wakes and funerals to attend. He is so funny to watch while playing, and as you can see Gram's table makes a great fort! What a ham he is when the camera comes out! 

The Christmas decorations are up, and thanks to my daughter Jess for decorating the rec room and for putting the tree up down there; it looks marvellous, and I don't know if I would have had the energy to do it myself. My decorations and new small tree are up in the kitchen, and I broke down and put some greens together for my window boxes and put some lights up outside as Hubby didn't seem like he was going to do it this year!

We are having Christmas dinner here this year with some of my family and Hubby's family so I wanted everything to look nice. I have got the paint out again and hope to finish the landing this week. That's all that is left to do from my kitchen painting extravaganza. Of course, I have been putting that off as well! I have the best intentions when starting a job, but I am not good at finishing. I have really been trying to change that lately. My closet has remained clean for several weeks now, and I am slowly cleaning out my craft/computer room. Another two big bags for the thrift shop today. I find it very hard to get rid of things that are craft related even though in my heart I know that I will never get back to it. I have so many UFOs that I am surprised NORAD hasn't heard about me:-) Somehow I don't think that I am alone in this.

Well, I am going to head out to my Hubby's shop to find my extra extension cords and flood lights. He told me last night after I wasted an hour looking for them that they were in his shop, but didn't offer to get them for me. If I think that I have hoarding tendencies, well you should see his shop! Its downright scary going out there...I  need to take the GPS just to find my way out through the tools and junk in there. If you don't see me post again before Christmas, send in the troops to save me

Woolly hugs, Trudy