My goodness, we have had so much going on in our house since I last posted! I will try and fill you in with some of the highlights of our month.

Lots of medical appointments to attend. Since I can no longer drive to any of them, I have been taking the bus if possible. As long as I take my walker, I can manage just fine, although it always takes a day or two to recover from each appointment. My days have been spent attending visits to my GP, neurologists, urologists, bladder scans, blood work, eye specialists, and dentists!

First, I had to make another visit to the dentist for a bad tooth, and the dentist put a drainage tube in an then did a root canal...yuck! It's the fourth one in my lifetime, and I must admit, it does not get easier! I will be glad to have the toothache disappear though.
While all off this business was going on, we found out that our Euro Peterborough Petes player was dropped from our team....This was not good news for us, and we were all devastated that our Adam was going to be leaving us. Thankfully, he got on the Ottawa 67's as a defencive player, and I think that he is going to thrive with that team. Needless to say, our house got terribly quiet the second that he was gone, and we have all been missing him and his wonderful personality in our home.
The Peterborough Petes signed another goalie, and we were thrilled to find out the he is coming to live with us. So welcome to the Petes Bryce O'Hagan, and welcome to our home and family! He arrived this afternoon, and already the place feels lived in once again.
Did I tell you all that my Jessica has opened a little business here in Peterborough. She even has business cards and a website. Her work is just beautiful, and she already has cakes to make for several birthdays and a wedding. Here is a link to her website which is called Powdered Sugar.

Jess and I spent a few days busily making some Christmas goodies for a bridal shower that was held two weeks ago for my niece Jen, and her fiance Mark. The theme of the guys and girls shower is Christmas decorations. The only trouble that I had was to not go crazy with a billion gifts, as I had so many ideas. Jess and I made our gift for Jen and Mark together. It turned out just as pretty as I had imagined it, and they loved their matching stockings/candy canes/stitchery combo. Their wedding is coming up this weekend, and hopefully the weather will co operate. Its an outdoor wedding on the 23rd of October at the highest point in our town, so the leaves and the view will be gorgeous. I'll try and take some pictures, especially because our Jessica is a bridesmaid. The dinner and dance will be indoors at a golf and country club. They are such a sweet couple, and I know that she will be a beautiful bride. I am making part of their wedding gift as well, and although I have had a tremendous urge to start rug hooking again, I just have too many things that I have to finish in the next month, before I can start hooking again!

The dog woke me up at 7am a couple of weeks ago barking, which usually means that Canada Post has left a package in my mudroom. Mable is such a good watchdog and always barks at any sound, so up I got to see what they brought! It was a package for me from my secret Harvest Swap! As soon as I started to remove the newspaper from the inside of the box, I could smell yummy cinnamon! I unpacked a beautiful round box that had been painted a beautiful crackly dark red, and had a rusty bell and twine handle. Inside were two heavenly scented grubby candles, a tiny rag ball (I have no idea how you managed to make one so little, but I am going to try and attempt it myself) a bunch of waxed and scented little old fashioned clothespins tied with homespun, a rusty leaf garland, a wonderful vintage cookie press roller (which I intend to use this Christmas when I make shortbread cookies) and finally a really cute pin keep cushion. Thank you so very much for such generous gifts, I really love them all!

Just before ourThanksgiving weekend we took my in-laws to Owen Sound for the weekend so that they can have a good visit with Bert's sister and brother-in-law who has been quite ill. It's about a 4 hour drive and that is way to long for Bert to drive, so my Jeff is driving. We ended up having a really lovely visit with Jeff's Aunt Lorraine, and Uncle Don. Despite the distance, it was wonderful to be able to say our goodbyes to such a lovely man. Don passed away last night with his family by his side. Soft warm hugs for all of you, Don will be sorely missed.

Our little Grandson Owen, is just thriving. We get to spend some time with him tomorrow. He surely is a noisy, bossy, full of temper tantrums little boy, and I just love and treasure every second the we get to spend with him. Kerri had an ultrasound and although the technician wasn't certain, they thought that the new little bundle she is making right now may very well be a little girl.

I spent almost all of one week with my Mom, who was having some chest pains, and was admitted to hospital. Turns out, that after an angiogram showed one artery was 91% blocked, so they whisked her off to TGH where they performed and angioplasty and put a stent in. I am happy to report that she is recovering nicely.

Our thanksgiving weekend was very, very busy, with a wedding on the Saturday afternoon of one of Jeff's oldest friends, then a fantastic dinner in the evening hosted by Jeff's cousin Nancy and her beautiful family. Nancy and Bill live in Ottawa, and come to the lodge every year for Thanksgiving, and have hosted a big dinner for Jeff's Mom's side of the family for several years now. On the Sunday, we cooked the turkey, stuffing, turnip casserole and some desserts and took the grub out to Norwood. After dropping everything off, we made our annual pilgrimage to the Norwood fair. The weather was amazing the whole weekend!!

I think that I spent the bulk of this past week either in bed, or in my PJ's getting ready for bed!! I will be quite happy for a little peace and quiet right about now!!

So, that's us in a nutshell. Oh yeah, I have been busy in the gardens, doing some stitching, and even a little rug hooking! Life is life is grand, and we should never take anything for granted.
Wooly hugs, Trudy