September Already??

I have been busy in the gardens when I am able, watching hockey at the arena, and getting Adam all settled in for another hockey season. Not a lot of blogging time as I am sure that you can imagine. Jake has been kind enough to bring our grandson Owen over for playtime, and there is nothing like peanut butter and celery!

Play time with Gramps is pretty fun too! If Gramps will build it, Owie will knock it down.

Feeding Aunt Jess some of his 'cookie'. Owie does love to share!

Play time with Grandma, hot wheels cars and the pop pop!

Hey Bill and Nancy, Adam will be in Ottawa on September 8th for the Ottawa Sens camp, so if you get a chance to see what the boys are up to...I know that he would love it.

We celebrated my very dear sister-in-law's 50th birthday a couple of weekends ago, and my brother Terry arranged everything. Daughter Jess made this gorgeous cake for the party, and she actually got some commissions from it. Needless to say Terry wanted it to be a surprise, and I think that he exceeded his own expectations.

Thats us for the time being. We are busy, busy, busy. Quiet time will come later I think.

Wooly hugs, Trudy