Wonderful summer surprises.

My nephew Dan and his gorgeous fiance Sara (pictured above) have decided to get married next summer sometime during the week of July 9th-16th, 2011 in Ocho rios Jamaica, at the Club Hotel Riu Ocho Rios. I am so excited, and even though summer and MS is not a good combo, never mind Jamaica in the summer with MS, I will be there for their wedding. I have been reassured that the hotel being so new, it is fully air conditioned, wheelchair accessible and although I won't be able to swim vigorously, I can paddle over to the pool bar and have virgin smoothies all day long. I can spend the day yakking with my brother Terry, SIL Nancy, or any of their wonderful family, and have a great time. When the fatigue and pain hits, I will go to my room and sleep it off. As long as I make it to the actual wedding ceremony I will be very happy.

My Jeff said that he will not go to Jamaica in July, which of course is his option. They will be having a reception after they return from their honeymoon, and he will happily go to that, as will most of their family and friends. My daughter Jess and I will go together, as roomies. She will do her thing with her cousins (who she literally grew up with in school, they were her best friends, went through brownies,guides, soccer, took family trips with all of us and we all spent many happy summers using Nancy's brother's Billy's cottage...imagine the nine of us!) and I will do mine. I am so very, very excited...did I mention that?

Besides being gorgeous, Sara and Dan are made for each other, and are so in love. Sara's Mom and Dad are really delightful and I always enjoy myself when with them. I am looking forward to getting to know her brothers and their wives during our week at the resort. Not to worry, when the week comes, I will blog probably a million pictures of the ceremony, and our week. Here is a link to the resort that we will be staying at: Club Hotel Riu Ocho Rios Jamaica.

So, the countdown is officially on!

We are also a new Great Aunt and Uncle this week! My niece Sarah and her hubby Jamie had a 9lb 8oz baby girl named Myley. She is a very large and long baby, and her little brother Ryder looks pretty pleased with her so far. Oh yeah, happy 2nd birthday Ry!! Of course I had to go right out and shop for some pink clothes for the not so 'wee' one, and I will take them over and have a cuddle next week before we go to the cottage. I told you that our son Jake and Kerri are having another baby didn't I? This babe will be about the same age difference that Myley and Ryder share; just two years between them. Both sets of parents will have busy homes for the next few years. Right now, I will just show you a few pictures of the family.

So, yes we are getting ready for another holiday. This is our annual trip to an island cottage on Skeleton Lake that we rent every year. Even if the weather is warm, there is always a cool breeze, and it is very peaceful and relaxing. I am busy making my lists, and Jess will help with the last of the shopping and carrying, while Jeff is busy getting our old tin boat shipshape for the journey. I have gotten pretty adapt at what we need to take, and have found that we wear the same clothes over and over, so I really do pack quite a bit less. Mind you, I make up for it with all of the books, laptop for watching movies, craft supplies, and new this year are a ton of books for my ipod. I have chosen to 'listen' to Dr. Phil's Relationship Rescue book, as I greatly admire him. I can craft while I listen, or just sit and look out at the water.

Another thing that I tend to pack a lot of is food! We do like to eat hearty, and tend to only have two big meals. Jeff gets up very early and will fish until 10 or 1030, and by the time he gets back I have a big breakfast ready. Then we eat dinner early so that we can go for the evening fishing right after dinner. I try and go with him most nights, but even last year I missed a few, as its not very comfortable for me in the boat. I do like to go with him, and sometimes I just sit and read while he fishes, or take a zillion pictures of the sunset, trees and water. We are so blessed to be able to get out and experience a bit of this amazing country that we live in! This year daughter Jess has decided that she will look after the dogs at home, so Jeff and I won't have to take them with us!! This will make things so much easier for me, as I won't have to cater to them day and half the night. I have enough trouble getting around on my own, and old Buddy needs to be carried now when he wants out. Thank you Jess so much for babysitting...I love you!!

I have been trying to get my kitchen painted over the past month, just doing a bit at a time, and I am about 3/4 through the job....thank God! I think that my painting days are just about over too. Last week my MS caught up with me, I don't know if it was the heat, the work, or what, but I spent most of it in bed. Nuff said about that...I feel much better today, and will try and slow down in between doing little chores, so that I am not too tired and sore for the cottage.

Well, thats about it for me for a few weeks, I'll post pics when we get back in August. Have a safe August 1st holiday for all you Canucks:)

Wooly hugs, Trudy