Short post today:-)

                   Hello everyone!! This piece of heaven is where Jeff and I are heading to on Saturday for a week with NO dogs!!!

Just a quick post today, to say that I won't be posting in any great depth for the next few weeks, if not months. I will try and get on a bit, but my MS is misbehaving again and I have that damn Optic Neuritis back again....grrrrr. So yesterday while being tortured by my eye specialist, she told me that I would have to go over to Emerg and get IV steroids started for the next few days, then I will go on three weeks of oral Prednisone. For someone with MS, Prednisone is great, cause it actually gives you more energy, but the IV steroids just keep you really on edge, very bouncy, and sleep is impossible. I went to sleep in two seconds, but woke up 1 1/2 hours later wide awake. I have been up ever since!! I keep trying to go and lie down to sleep, hoping, hoping...I am drugged up to the eyeballs too!
My only worry which I told the emerg doctor about was that I wouldn't be finished the IV therapy before Saturday. I said that I would have to take the IV out myself if that was the case, as we are going to our rented island cottage on Skeleton Lake for a week. He wondered if that would be the safest route to take, being on an isolated island with no medical help, while on massive doses of steroids and being mostly blind? I said that we had both cell phones, and a landline, and that the OPP patrolled the waters on a regular basis, we should know, we have been pulled over a time or two:) We also have a neighbouring cottage where the owner flies in and out with their small plane so we could be at a hospital in no time. As for the being blind part, I can still smell the water, feel the sun on my face, and hear the loons singing! Plus my dear daughter has offered to keep both of the dogs home with her, so it is just Jeff and I!! I have books on my Ipod and my netbook, so I'm good to go. Just can't see a darn thing...but I'm good to go. I will still be able to fish...hopefully I will have more energy for it thanks to the drugs. As long as the other side effects don't kick in (crushing hip pain, all joint pain, weight gain, I already have the jitters and the insomnia) we should have a good week. The weather forecast is wonderful, mid-twenties (thats celcius) with no humidity. You know that I'll be snapping pictures like no tomorrow, even if I can't see what I'm taking...when I put them up on the computer at night, I'll be able to see it better.
I have enclosed a picture of our Adam that I took two years ago before I first got Optic Neuritis. This is crazy Adam being silly as usual on the left. The picture on the right is how I see Adam with the Optic Neuritis, except this time its even more blurry this time around. The sad part is that it will get worse instead of better over the next while. The doctor did tell me today, that my driving days are finished for me. I guess that I will have to look into a bus pass but man they are expensive! Well enough whining from me. I am actually feeling pretty chipper, and am excited for my week along with Jeff. Of course he dosen't know what he is in for....deep, meaningful, talks, with nowhere to hide......this should be enlightning for us both, and hopefully will strengthen our marriage. Oh yeah, I brought two Dr. Phil's on the ipod, and two cookbooks...Ha, Ha!

So, have a great couple of weeks, I hope to blog again sometime soon after our return...just depends how the fatigue is. Be safe out there on this long weekend.

Wooly hugs, Trudy