Happy Canada Day...July 1st!!

Wishing all my fellow Canadian's a Happy Canada Day! Jeff and I are hoping to go some of the celebrations that our town has on for the day...there is music, and food of course, and lots of interesting people to watch. We will visit the multicultural food booths...36 of them...I don't know how we will choose, so we will have to sample a little of everything I guess:)

In the evening there is a free open air concert of a 'Beatles' type band, then a big fireworks display at the end. We almost always go to the fireworks display. It is at the Little Lake (thats the name of it...really) in the center or town and we usually take a couple of chairs, or a blanket and sit on the south side of the lake, away from the crowds. We can hear the music, and then get a glorious display right in front of us, reflecting off of the lake. When the show is over, we join the multitude of cars to head the 2 km home:) We could walk to it, well Jeff could, I couldn't, but we always have driven over. Here is a picture of Little Lake. We watch the fireworks over on the right hand side, which is sort of out of the picture. The fireworks are set off over the fountain, and the music and food are around the marina and in the large grassy area. Our downtown is to the right.


The weather for our long weekend is supposed to be wonderful. Today is lovely; cool and windy, but the sun is shining, and it is going up to about 18C which was perfect for my MS symptoms. The heat really makes the symptoms exagerated, so I am enjoying the nice weather, by putting up some window boxes at the front of the house. I hope to get quite a few of my jobs done over the weekend, but I am slowly learning that if I don't get to it tomorrow, it will probably still be there waiting for me when I feel like it:) Tomorrow the same weather, then hot, up to 30C for Saturday and Sunday!!

Of course, we always hope for a little time with our grandson Owen, my daughter-in-law Kerri will be working (she is an RN emerg nurse) and our son Jake looks after Owen when she is gone for her 12 hour shifts. It breaks the day up nicely for both of them to come down for an hour or three, and we always love to have them here. Gramps and I like to take him down our street to the little almost hidden park for some time on the slides and swings. Now that summer is here, they have a wading pool open with a lifeguard every day from noon until four, so I am sure that we will make use of this.

Some recent pictures of our two dogs, Buddy is still kicking, at 16 1/2 he doesn't move to fast (unless food is on offer) and Mable is now 10 1/2 and still full of life, although she is starting to get a little grey around the eyes. At the end of the month Jeff and I will be going to our little island cottage (we rent it most summers) for a week, and we will be leaving Buddy at home with daughter Jessica. Last year when we went, Buddy didn't enjoy himself, and being in a strange house only confused him. We thought that he would be happier at home in his own bed, being thoroughly spoiled by Jess of course!

One more picture...one of my fav's cause it has kissable, squeezeable, soft baby cheeks in it:)