Crazy wool stitching:)

Isn't this wool quilt block amazing? There are four different blocks to finish altogether, but I am going to tease you with just the one block for now. I found this group of Prim lovers while browsing blogs online who have started a blog and are all buzzing about the book "Wool Crazy" by JoAnne Mullaly. Here is and excerpt from their blog:

You've happened upon the gathering place for friends who are working on the quilt from the book Wool Crazy by JoAnn Mullaly. This is where we meet, greet, offer tips and advice and cheer each other on to the finish.

There are no rules, no deadlines and no start or finish times...just good fun along the way.

To join, please contact Kaaren at with your email, blog URL and blog name.

If you don't have a blog, feel free to follow along and join in by clicking on "comments" at the end of each post. Every bit of help, knowledge and encouragement is appreciated.

You can order the book here:

I am so thrilled to find out that I won't have to covet this book from afar, as there is a copy winging it's way to me as we speak:) Just the thing to drag one through the rest of this dreary winter.

The thing I like about this 'challenge' is that you don't have to attempt the whole quilt, you can just make small projects from the templates in any material that you want. Just my cup of tea. I always have a great start, then lose steam as I move along, so this should be great for me. Living in chilly, snowy Canada means that I have a ton of wool in my stash, and can pick and choose what colors I want. I am so pumped to have found this group of very friendly ladies, and look forward to the adventure with them. I have already picked up a few great tips from the comments section on the blog.

So, if you are a lover of Prim, and a lover of wool, why don't you click on the link in my sidebar, or any of the links above to find out a little more? This is the group that I thought my dear Internet friend Colleen would enjoy. Colleen is another multi-talented artist who works with wool, making penny rugs, doing rug hooking, punch needle, and is always designing something that I covet. Collen's blog is called: Penny Rugs and More.

I am also working on a couple of stitcheries for me:) Usually, I end up giving my things away, mostly because that's the motivation I need to actually finish a project. I am still working on my large stitched 'Come gather here' sign for my kitchen. I am doing it in a cotton that is tightly woven, and each letter has 4 layers of stitching close together, so it is taking my poor achy fingers longer to finish than I had hoped. In between that, I started a little Valentine stitchery that was offered by Robin. Just click on the picture and it will take you right to the post on Robins blog. She is so very generous with her work, and I have made quite a few stitcheries that she has designed, and love, love, love every one!

Make a cup of tea before you click on the link below, because she has quite a nice blog with lots of eye candy, and you will be there for awhile. You can pick up this wonderful doodle at: Bird In The Hand Primitives.

Well, I had better get a move on, I am still sitting here in my robe and jammies, and I have things that I must get done today. Yesterday, my son Jake brought little Owen over for the day so that Kerri could get some sleep. She is back to work as an RN in our very busy Emergency department at our local hospital, and works 7 to 7. Two days, then two nights, with a few days off to recover after. Owen is a busy, noisy, 11 month old little boy, and naturally Kare wouldn't ever get to sleep in the day with him around. I just put everything off until after when I can get a chance to spend some time with him. We even had my Mom over for play time yesterday, since she is now living around the block from us! I have a ton of pictures on my new camera of the little man, but I can't find the cord that connects the camera to my laptop:( I have found about 30 various cords, but all the wrong size. I guess that my errands list will include a stop at the nearest Staples!

Wooly hugs, Trudy