For my Friends, Family and especially JoJo

I tried to post this last week, but for some reason, it disappeared. So, here I go again!

I received a note from a dear Internet friend who wrote:

"Trudy, where ARE you? I check your blog but you're not updating. I know you come to Snippets to read the posts but you don't respond. Even the Fibre and Fibro board is dead. No one goes there any longer.
Are you having serious health problems? Or is there something more going on? And how is Owen doing?
Can you please drop me a note and let me know that you're okay?

Well, that really hit home. Thank you JoJo for caring so much. It really means a lot to me, and I promise to do better. I am kicking myself for my shameful neglect of my Internet friends, who despite this have continued to email, message, or left a comment on a regular basis these past several (OK, six) months. I will admit now that I have been struggling both physically and mentally since late summer. My MS has really not settled down at all, and without boring you all to death with a list of symptoms, lets just say that this disease has been progressing far to speedily for my liking. Mentally, it has certainly been a struggle to battle through this, although I don't think that I have been suffering from depression.

Anyhow, I don't feel much better, but I have come to the realization that my little circle of friends that I have amassed over the past few years are very important to me, and I shouldn't neglect them, assuming that they are going to wait forever for me. Friendships have to be fed to grow, and I have definitely have missed nurturing them. I am so thankful that while I can't physically visit or talk on the phone (I seem to not have a voice for about 5 or 6 months of the year now) to you, I can follow your blogs, email, facebook and comment when possible. I am so very lucky and blessed to have you in my life.

So big hugs to you all, and thank you once again, for sticking with me:)
Wooly hugs, Trudy