Bits and pieces...

Hello again dear friends. I have missed you all while I was away. OK, I didn't go anywhere, but it seems like I was away!

Just sitting in my chair in front of the fire in my cozy kitchen, typing away and watching the dogs sleep beside me. They snore almost as loud as I do! Our old fellow Buddy will be 16 in a few weeks, and is starting to look his age. He has lost quite a bit of weight lately, and gets confused about which way he is heading when outside, but he has a great appetite, loves to sleep by the fire and does not seem to be in any distress, so it's all good. I hope that when his time comes, he just falls into rest while dozing in front of the fireplace.

My dorky hubby Jeff heading out to shovel some snow:)

Daughter-in-law Kerri with our beautiful grandson Owen above, and son Jake with Owie below.

One of my favorite nephews Joe just graduated from the police academy and is going to work with the city police force in Toronto, Ontario. Congratulations Joe on achieving your dream, and stay safe! In the picture of Joe above, he is joined with Rita (his grandmother) my dear sister-in-law Nancy, and my older (although he looks younger) brother Terry.

My mother-in-law Jackie having a little 'snuggle' time with our younger long haired dachshund, Mable. She will be turning 10 in May, but she acts liks a puppy still. Mable just loves Jackie, and HAS to climb on Jackie's lap whenever she visits. Of course we know that Jackie is very special to me, as I don't allow just 'anyone' to sit in my special chair in my kitchen...Just ask my hubby:)

Our hockey boy Adam making himself some breakfast:) Note to Adam's Mom: Yes, your teenaged son has learned to cook, clean, and fetch. Make sure that he continues to do so when we send him back to you in the Czech Republic at the end of our hockey season!

Me and my little man, Owen...who will be a year old in February! Our first (and only) grandson:)

The time has flown by so quickly this past year, and I feel that I have gotten very little done using my imaginary to do list for crafting. I have a ton of things that I have started, or want to start, yet I find it very hard to 'actually' do anything. Lets blame it on the MS, since most of my lesions are in my brain anyway:) I am not going to make promises that I can't keep, but I haved missed my blogging friends over the past few months, and I hope to visit more often, and blog more as well. I have been almost totally absent on the various message boards that I visit as well, and would really like to get back on track. It's not that I don't miss everyones blogs, cause I think of you all a lot, but it takes all of my energy to look after the house and my family, and I don't seem to have much left for you all. I think that I am going to have my dear daughter Jess take a more active role in the house now that she is finished with school. My hubby Jeff is great to cook, throw some laundry in, or even do the grocery shopping, but I always feel guilty asking him, as he works so much overtime to help get us the special things in life that we like to have. I like to get the groceries, visiting my thrift stores (well we only have three in town) along the way, as it is really the only time I get out of the house.

Our 22 year old gorgeous daughter Jess who is enjoying her Christmas prezzies...Still a kid at heart. Jessica has a blog too, which is called Powdered Sugar, feel free to's much tidier than her room is!

I participated in a Harvest Swap this past fall, with Kim from Kim's Creations. As you can see by the photos, I got spoiled rotten:) It just made my day, and felt like Christmas...early of course. Sadly, due to a mix-up, Kim didn't get my swap gift from me until after Thanksgiving:( I hope that you are still doing swaps Kim, cause they are so much fun.

Remember our first OHL Euro import that we had for two years? Branislav Rehus, is back living in Slovakia with his family, and playing hockey there, but we still message each other, and phone occasionally. Here is a picture of Branislav and his sweetheart Natalia. Nati visited Brani in Slovakia over Christmas, and hopes to move over there this spring for school...and for love of course! Who could resist those curls of Branni's? We are so looking forward to seeing him in the flesh this spring, he is like another son to us, and we miss him like crazy.

While I didn't spend much time blogging, I did spend a lot of time on the computer, mostly on Facebook playing Farmville. It was great, cause it kept me busy. I am not so addicted now...although I'm still pretty bad, cause I can't resist to tell you to add me as your friend if you like FB and Farmville! Here is a link to my homepage on Facebook. Trudy on Facebook.

Wooly hugs, Trudy