Autumn must be here..cause hockey has started!

We have a busy, busy household this past month, and I will give you a zillion pictures showing what we have been up to.

Some of our days have been spent at the Memorial Centre watching hockey. Yep, summer is over here and the Peterborough Petes are back in town! Adam has settled back nicely with our family after spring and part of summer spent at home in the Czech Republic. He came back weighing 210 lbs. and is 6'2"; all solid muscle. It is good to have him back, he keeps Jeff on his toes and out of my hair! Adam never walks when he can run, and is a very, very busy 17 year old. He and our Jess have both returned to school, and the house feels very full and happy:)

We went to my brother in law Simon's 50th birthday party, and we got to visit with Jeff's cousin Nancy, her husband Bill, and their daughter, son in law and baby Alexis who is only three weeks older than our Owen. I got some snuggle time with her, so I was too busy to take pictures. Hopefully we will see them over our Thanksgiving weekend, they come to the Norwood area, and like to go to the fair as we do also. I would love to get our Owen and little Alexis together to see how they act.

Our weather has been great now that September is here. Sunny and very cold at night, down to 4C, but up to 25C in the day. This is the longest stretch of sunny, warm weather that we have had in months, and I have been outside enjoying it as often as I can:) My gardens have been sadly overlooked, and I have been playing catch up with the plantain and crabgrass! Despite my poor care, the mild weather has helped with juicy tomatoes, and lovely flowers.

I got my ingrown toenail ripped off again (I know, it's gross) and then promptly got the flu after. I spent most of last week in a daze, falling asleep on my (sore) feet, and acomplishing nothing. I am much better this week, although my voice has gone, and I have a wicked cough. I am really hoping that this is not another round of hoarseness that lasts four months!

We spent a great day at the Toronto Zoo, with Jeff, Adam and Jessica. It was hotter than hell that day, but not too crowded. I took my walker, and I made out just fine. By the end of the long ride home in the car, I just wanted to cry, cause my body ached so much. It was worth it though:)

We went to Kerri's mom and dad's for a swim and dinner, and the boys and Kerri had some fun in the water. I watched from dry land! Julie and Paul are the nicest in laws that our son Jake could have ever asked for, we always enjoy ourselves so very much when we do get together.

Kerri is so good to have a dinner every couple of months with the grandparents and even great grandparents at their home, so we can get a visit in with them.

Of course, whenever we can sneak in a chance to babysit little Owen, we grab it! He is now approaching 7 months, and two little teeth have just broken through the surface on the bottom of his mouth. He also has a cold, and hasn't been very happy for Kerri and Jake, although we still managed to get some smiles out of him.

Adam's hockey mate Jiri Sekac, who is also from the Czech Republic arrived, and although he isn't staying with us, he has spent quite a few hours at our place fishing, tubing, playing ball and frisbee, and eating:) Those boys sure can eat! Adam has been so great to help him get settled. Cheap movie nights, school, new friends for Jiri, and trying to master the language can make it very intimidating for a 17 year old who has never been away from home before. He is such a sweetie though, with his white blond hair perfectly arranged, the matching outfits, and smelling so good all of the time. He seems much to young to be so far from home, but his landparents are a really nice couple who have had Euro Petes players before, so they will look after him.

While in the midst of all of this business, hubby Jeff decided that he was going to put flooring down in my computer/craft room. I wanted to paint the room before he did the floor, so I had to quickly get my bazzillion books, and various craft materials out of there, and choose a paint colour! I have to say that I love the way it is turning out...I'll post some after photos....well, after I guess! The one great thing to come out of it, is the desk that was in there kind of fell apart when moving it, so I will get something smaller...yay!!

Haven't had the time or energy for doing much crafting, but I have sent out a package (I think) for a harvest swap that Char had on. I know that I will get my fingers to stitchin when the gardening is done for the year, and the snow gets on the ground. In our area, that can be as early as October:(

Now that I have semi-filled you in on the comings and goings of our lives, I had better get to bed. It's almost 2am! I promise to blog more often, and I do have some recipes to get on here.

Ending with the best thing of feet:)

Wooly hugs, Trudy