Blogs and Vacation..we're back!!

My gosh, it's been over a month since I blogged?? I cannot believe it!! Well we were away for two weeks at an island cottage that didn't have Internet, and I spent the week before we left getting packed, and I guess the past few days since our return have been spent that explains it!

I have some pictures from our very quiet holiday. Just Jeff, me and the two dogs for two weeks. Jeff did a lot of fishing, I did a lot of reading and cooking, and we both ate our heads off and napped too much! All of these pictures are of sunsets, no sunrises for this lazy girl!

Poor old Buddy packed away in the truck like a suitcase!

The view from our deck.

The view from our deck.

Jeff and his fish.

More Jeff and his fish!

The weather wasn't very warm and it rained almost every day, but we managed to have nice evenings for fishing and sunsets.

The only picture of me while we were away...contemplating life, or trying to figure out how to get at the wild blueberries growing along the shore!

I did a little stitchery while at the cottage, and left it on the wall for Al who generously shares his beautiful spot with us every year.

He emailed me right away to thank me for it. That would indicate to me that he has some sort of Internet on the island, so next time I will be taking a laptop:)

My daughter Jessica has started a blog called Powdered Sugar and I just love it. She has always liked to play in the kitchen too, and she has gotten adventurous enough to blog about it.

Jess and Owen.

Adam flies back to us next week, and I can't wait to see him. He has been gone since April, and the house has been very quiet without him. Hockey camp doesn't start until the 26th so we have time for visiting and playing before hockey.

Son Jake and daughter-in-law Kerri were good enough to have the grandparents over for dinner Sunday night, so we got a great meal, and a visit with baby Owen as well! I missed the little guy while we were away; he seemed to have grown by several inches in just two weeks!

Well as much as I would dearly love to write more, but I somehow hurt my lower back last night, and today I can barely move for the pain. I cannot spend much time on the computer as I would like to...I have a ton of blogs to catch up on, but it will have to wait until this pain eases.

Wooly hugs, Trudy