Happy Canada Day!!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadian's!!!

Here is a picture that you can right click on and save to your computer to stitch up, or to print up for the kids to color.

Warning...you are about to look at pictures of a seriously cute baby!!

Can you tell who is Grandpa's Boy?? We had Owen for a sleepover last weekend, and we all had a wonderful time. We also had our sons dog Chip, so it made for a bit of a crazy little house with three weiner dogs a baby, and Jeff and I!!

Gramps taking Owen for a walk.

We didn't get out to see Jeff's Dad on Sunday as they were busy, so we went out Monday after Jeff finished work and took dinner and my Avonex injection stuff with us. Our niece Rachel who is 12 was at Bert and Jackies for the week, so we got to spend some time with her as well. When it came time for my injection, she decided that she wanted to do it, so after giving her the instructions, she did!! Never even batted an eyelash either, and it hardly hurt!

I told Bert and Jackie that I would come and get Rachel on Thursday morning and keep her until Saturday for a break for them. It would also give Jeff and I a chance to spend some time with her. They live out of town and of course they both work, so we don't get to see them that often. It's nice to get to know our younger relatives a bit better, they grow up so quickly it seems these days.

Rachel and I had a great (read tiring) time together though, and she is very outgoing and articulate for a 12 year old! On Thursday I took her for a hair cut, as she had told Jeff's Mom that she wanted some of her gorgeous black hair cut. I took her to my hairdresser Donna, who cut off about 8 inches of hair! It looked great after..Rachel is so tiny and her hair had been a bit overwhelming on her little face. After the cut, it sort of curled around her shoulders and chin. Then we went grocery shopping, and after dinner we took her to a lacrosse game. Neither Rach, or I had ever been to see a game at this level, and we loved it. The crowd was huge, and they were very enthusiastic. We sat with Jeff's aunt's and uncle's which was great, cause we got to watch lacrosse and have a visit with family as well! I have to admit, it was somewhat hard for me to follow the ball with these wonky eyes, but it was still fun. It seemed so much more rough than hockey, which is probably why I enjoyed it. I got us tickets for a game this Sunday night too.

On the Friday Rachel and I went to an afternoon movie. We went to see UP in 3D. It was a cute movie and the whole 3D thingy was fun, although I got tired of having to wear the 3D glasses over my glasses after the first half hour!

On Saturday, Jeff's sister Tina, came to pick Rachel up, and Jeff's mom and dad arrived for an afternoon watching the bagpipers at a Scottish Festival in Lindsay. Jeff's Dad and Brothers used to belong to the Pipe Band many years ago, and they love to go and see the pipers. I just go to see what they are wearing under their kilts! I asked Bert if they did wear underwear and he said that they used to run a drumstick up the side of the kilt, and if there were any bumps along the way that person would have to buy a round of drinks after the parade.

I couldn't get over the young kids in the various bands, both girls and boys, long hair and short.

I have been busy in the gardens, and with the house. Hubby Jeff has been knocking some stuff off of the very long 'honey do' list, and of course with that comes messes! The crab grass has returned along with the plantain weeds, and since we use no pesticides, it means that I am out in the yard sitting on my little cart wielding my trusty weed puller (my expensive, fancy weed puller is a steak knife by the way).

We are also going to spend two weeks at the island cottage that we rent every summer on Skeleton Lake, so the master list has been dug out, and I have started to cook and freeze some meals already. When we go to the cottage with the dogs, all we do is fish, eat, sleep, and for me read and stitch! I like to have as many meals as I can made up and frozen beforehand, cause we like to eat well, but I like to relax too.

I have drawn up a lot of stitchery designs to do while we are away, and I will take a ton of books. We also always take a large puzzle to do, and we leave it out on a piece of plywood in the living area to work on as we watch TV after dark. It is such a peaceful, beautiful spot, and I will bore you all with a kazillion pictures when we return. We don't go until the 18th, and I will try and get my gardens as tidy as I can, cause daugher Jess will be looking after the house while we are away. She wouldn't actually weed anything though, it's enough for her to try and keep the porch and deck flowers alive, and get the grass cut, and the house cleaned before we come home!

Adam will be coming back to live with us from the Czech Republic the week after we get back, and I wont have a lot of gardening time for a bit.

I am off to make a pineapple upsidedown cake....mmmm good!

Wooly hugs, Trudy