This and that

I have been remiss in posting, and I do apologize. It's spring and I have been busy in the gardens, celebrating birthdays (Hubby Jeff's was yesterday) and spending time with baby Owen.

While pulling weeds and moving perennials around (I am the master at plant relocation by the way) I discovered that a mallard duck had made a nest in my daylily patch!

It's rather surprising because we are a good 8 blocks away from any water, but the information I have looked up says that they will nest from 1 foot to 1 mile from water. She has chosen to be about 1 mile, and it will be a long walk for her and the 10 ducklings when the time comes to get to the river. Luckily, she has nested in the front yard, right under our bedroom window, which is pretty safe from any animals!

It has put a crimp in my front yard clean-up though, as I have to stay away from the nest when she is roosting, or she flies out at my face!

Yesterday was Jeff's 49th birthday, and we had his family over for dinner and cake. The weather wasn't very nice, so we had to cram ourselves indoor's but it was great to see them. Son Jake brought Owen with him and Kerri went to another birthday party on her own, so we all got a chance to get some snuggle time with the baby. Jess was there as was Jeff's sister Julie and BIL Art, their daughters Eileen and Kathleen, Jeff's other sister Tina and her hubby Simon and daughter Rachel drove up from Whitby for the evening, and his Mom and Dad came in from Norwood. Jeff's Aunt Carol, cousin Deanna and BF John came over for dessert.

Jeff got phone calls from Adam (Czech Republic) in the afternoon, and from Brani (Slovakia) at 10pm! That made it 4am in Slovakia, but we both got a chance to have a good long chat since our company had just shut the door behind them when he called. We still miss him like crazy and are hoping to go over next summer to see him, and Adam's family, as well as visit Italy.

Adam's mom and stepdad got married yesterday, and when Adam phoned he filled us in on the wedding, and his training and school. He is coming back to us on August 8th, and his hockey won't start for 3 or 4 weeks after that, so we hope to take him to Wonderland, the Toronto zoo, and of course shopping and lots of fishing!

Baby Owen is 12 weeks old now, and is grinning and blowing rasberries and gurgling away now. Of course we had to take a few zillion pictures of him!

Today is a lazy day. I haven't been doing much in the way of stitching although I have a few things started as usual, but my fingers have been busy pulling weeds! I have a ton of projects that I want to do but there isn't enough time in the day, or energy in my body. I'll get to them eventually though. I'm tired from yesterday, so I'll spend it recovering...but it was totally worth it. Off for a nap, then to watch Detroit play some hockey.