Ducks, Babies and Me:)

A little heart that I stitched for my mantle. I have made a few things, but haven't been great at taking pictures! I also have some things on the is just to hard to stitch and watch hockey at the same time!

Grandson Owen visited me several times this past week, what a joy he is, even if he cries. It is well worth the time spent in bed after a 'visit', grandchildren are the best.

I have been working in the garden a bit, resting a lot, then puttering a bit more. It is hard to get anything done out front, as people stop to talk and ask questions about the plants, or to compliment me on how great everything looks. Little do they realize that mother nature is the one who should be getting all of the accolades, I am just the caregiver, and not a great one at that!

Our mother duck is still sitting on her nest of 10 eggs. The father visits occasionally, but I think that he likes to party with the other males to much, he really isn't too involved. The other night a cat tried to get at the eggs while mother duck was on the nest, and there was quite a lot of noise with quacks, and meows breaking the sound barrier. We ran out and chased the cat away, and mother duck sat in the middle of the road calling her mate. When he didn't show up, she flew off to find him. Of course I couldn't go to sleep until she returned to the nest, and I kept a close eye out for that cat.

On Sunday we went for a drive and Jeff took me down a country road that was lined with lilacs. The scent was amazing! While I supervised from my seat in the truck, he picked me a beautiful bouquet to take home. They don't last very long while in the house, but the smell of them reminds me of our wedding day. We had a ton of freshly picked lilacs (picked by me and daughter Jess) in large vases all over the little hall that we got married in. Since the reception was in the same room, we got to enjoy them all evening. Oh yeah, that anniversary is coming up fast...June 1st. We always seem to forget about it, one year we both forgot it! I always say that it is only one day, treat each other every day like its special!

We have finally been getting some much needed rain...too much, actually! I can see the shrubs and flowers growing by the hour. I will have to get my trimmers out when the weather clears!

I have caved in and joined Twitter. My name on twitter is bitsofwool of course! If you would like to follow me, here is a link: Trudy's Twitter Page. I have also permanently put it on my sidebar.