Our MS Walk is coming up very quickly, and we have new people that have joined Team Esther. I cannot get over the kindness of family, friends, friends of family, and almost strangers! The little team that originally was supposed to consist of Hub's Jeff, daughter Jess, and son Jake has grown. My daughter Jess's boyfriend Curtis, his grandmother Violet (whom I have never actually met, and she is in her 80's) my ex-husband Gregg and his sweet girlfriend Wendy, sister-in-law Julie, my friend Janet, her Hubs, Bruce and children have all joined and are walking the 5km on Sunday.

It truly leaves me speechless...OK, I know that I have laryngitis again and can't actually speak anyway, but you know what I mean! We are now up to $1115.00 in donations! Wow! Wow! Wow! The kindness of my blogging buddies(especially in this recession) and fellow members of my online wooly groups, my hubby's family, my ex-hubs family, and friends amazes me. Haven't seen alot of action from my own family except for my brother Terry and his wife Nancy.

I wish that I could give you all a huge hug in person, but will have to settle for cyber hugs. I don't know if you realize how much your kind words, emails, and comments mean to me. Never mind the donations! It has given me such a lift, and I am forever grateful and humbled.

I thought that we would have everyone back to our house after the walk for some lunch and beverages, so I am list making again. The house is a mess and so are the gardens, but I imagine that no one is coming over to look at my house, and they will be so hungry and thirsty after the walk that they wont notice the dog fur tumbleweeds rolling by.

Every time I go and look at our TEAM ESTHER homepage, I find that someone new has donated. We have the wheelchair booked, and Jess and I are working on fun pennants buttons, balloons and banners. I think that a little face paint may be in order as well.

I have been stitching a bit here and there, but we were so busy over Easter that I haven't got much to show. I am working on a little project now, that should be done by tomorrow, and I am going to make a ton of my little "Blessed" stitcheries to give as gifts for my walkers. Quiet Jess, don't tell anyone.

Off to bed now, it has been a rather unproductive day, yet very tiring as I had to use my poor lesion addled brain today...makes me very tired.