Our MS Walk

We went on our MS Walk on Sunday, and raised $1785.00! Imagine how much more we would have raised if we had joined sooner. Not a bad sum for less than two weeks of fundraising. A huge thank you to everyone who donated, walked, and sent their good luck wishes to us. The weather was beautiful, and the walk went off without a hitch. I managed to walk about half of the 5km. I would have walked more but dear Hubs and daughter Jess forced me into the wheelchair for a bit. Rightfully so as it turned out. My poor ankles look like cankles, and I took it pretty easy since for a few days.

What fun we had though. My friend Janet, her hubby Bruce and their two very, very sweet kiddies walked with us, as did my ex-husband Gregg and his girlfriend Wendy, son Jake, DIL Kerri, and grandson Owen. Jess, her BF Curtis, his dad John, and grandmother Vi walked as well. John had worked all night, and walked anyway! Jeff's sister the beautiful Julie walked (and even pushed me in the chair) as did hub's. We are already signed up for next year. Here are some more pictures of our day.

Today was a beautiful warm day, and I headed outside at 10:00am to pull weeds in the front garden beds. Now, I don't actually have any lawn on the front and west side of the house, its all gardens! I had planted a bit of Snow in Summer when I first made the front of the house all gardens to help fill in the spaces. However, the Snow in Summer loved my gardens, and proceeded to grow everywhere. By last autumn I had had enough! I dug up tons of it and put it in the green waste. I thought that I had gotten most of it...little did I know that it was quietly spreading underground, only to pop up everywhere last week. So I spent about 10 hours just digging up this damned plant. I still have probably another 10 hours of digging left. Then I will have to get in the backyard and start doing some work on those garden beds. This year my veggies will get planted in the back amongst the flowers, and I think that I'll only grow beans, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Got a little too much sun today...it felt really good, but I am pretty burned on the left side of my body but not the right since I wasn't facing that way. I also got some pretty funny sandel tan lines:)

The house is a madhouse tonight, as daughter Jess has a couple of her friends staying here for the weekend to help her friend Cassandra celebrate her 21st birthday. There are about 15 or 20 of guys and girls in the kitchen, and I must admit that I am getting a chuckle listening to bits and pieces of their conversation. I'll head back downstairs to watch some more hockey now.