Sorry that I have been MIA!

Didn't this little easter freebie that Robin from Bird in the Hand Primitives blog turn out great? I am working on a selling blog, and was going to post it for sale, but I think I want to keep it! Visit Robin's blog and stitch one up for yourself. She has a little cross stitch challenge going on right now, that I am trying to avoid entering, as I have enough projects on the go...but I may try it, cause it's so cute.

It's a cold March 31st here in Peterborough. The sun is supposed to come out and go up to 7C, but I have my doubts. Even my Mable is staying close to the fire this morning!

My little grandson Owen has just returned from Florida after a trip with Mom and Dad for two weeks. I missed the little guy terribly! We had to look after Chip their demon mini-dachshund, so it was be a busy house with three wiener dogs all week. Little Chip gets separation anxiety, so I didn't have much time for blogging or reading any ones blogs while he was here. Every time I sat at the computer, he wanted up on my lap, and its very hard to type with a dogs head on your arm. My Hub's had his hands full giving them their carrots after dinner each night. When they came by on the way home last night from the airport to pick up Chip, we got to have some snuggle time with Owen. I didn't get any pictures, but I was amazed at how much he changed in two weeks. He is smiling and making all kinds of faces now, and looks a few pounds heavier. My daughter in law just emailed me some pictures from their trip to florida, so I have added them on:)

Here is a pic of a couple of stitchery, a jar of rusty square nails, some wax and cheesecloth hearts, an old candle, and the most beautiful prim angel that I put over my chair in the kitchen. I am making it such a cozy area, that everyone wants to sit there now.

I have started a large (for me anyway) stitchery by Kathy Schmitz. I am using just a crochet cotton #10, all black and will fit in a 11X20 frame when done.

I have finished up a couple of stitcheries, and got to work outside for part of one day on the weekend, but the weather hasn't been very co-operative. My snow in summer plants are coming up everywhere in my front gardens, and I am anxious to get out there and rip some of them out! I will try and get some pictures of them up later this week.

We are also getting Adam ready to go home. Their hockey team got knocked out of the playoff race in the first round, so it's back to the Czech Republic for him until August. We will miss him, he is like family to us, and is planning on coming back early so that he can get in a little fishing with the boys before hockey camp starts up again. We just found out that his grandmother is in hospital at home, so we have booked him for a flight home Wednesday night...there is still a ton on packing for him to do. Of course, he will leave a lot of his winter stuff here, since the weather is much better at home.

I must run, and get the boy up and packing, he dosen't know that the Pete's have gotten him on a flight tomorrow, so we will have our work cut out for us today. Hope that those expecting/getting the huge blast of winter in the States are warm and safe.