Our first time babysitting little Owen

Happy March everyone!

I am so excited...we got to babysit our little grandson Owen tonight for the first time!! Kerri and Jake took Adam to Costco to do a little shopping, and left Owen and little Chip with us. I suggested that they make plans to do this the same night every week, and to go for dinner somewhere first. That way, Jeff and I get to spend a couple of hours cuddling the little man, and Mom and Dad get a break. Of course, we didn't put him down except to change his diaper the whole time he was here, we just took turns holding Owen and sneaking in some cheek kisses. What bliss, what utter bliss:)

Went to the ear/nose/throat specialist today, and he asked me how long that I have been talking this way. I was having a great day vocally, you wouldn't be able to hear me very well, but my voice was much better than the last seven weeks, and I told him so. He says: You call that good? Thats not good! You have active MS right? And of course I said yes. Then he said: This is bad, I am going to freeze your nose and put a scope down. It wasn't bad, and he joked and chatted (and stared at my boobs I must add) the whole time. He asked me why I took eight weeks to seek medical treatment?? I said that I thought I'd had a cold, and it was leftover from that.

He thinks that I had developed a lesion or two on my vocal chord, which I have since dislodged, and would like to do a Barium Swallow to have a better look. Then back to him for the results. I have known for a while now that the medication I am on for my MS hasn't been working, and am planning on asking the Neuro to switch me to the nexr in line drug. It will mean three injections a week, but maybe it will slow things down. My eyes are still not a hundred percent, but as long as I can do my crafts, and see little Owen's face, I'm happy:)

I made this little stitchery for Bill and Nancy's new grandbaby Alexis. Sadly, I wasn't up to making the trip to Ottawa, but I sent it with Hubs.

Otherwise, things have been pretty quiet, gave myself my shot, and going to get my jammies on. Playing Grammy is absolutely the best...but a little tiring. I finally mailed Rondells valences to her today as well. She will have given up on ever getting them...I also have been collecting patterns for stitcheries, punch needle, and penny rugs, and am trying to organize them. I have a ton of create and decorate as well, and its hard to go through each one. I am not sure how to solve that dilemma, since the patterns are in the centre of the magazine, and are printed on both sides. I will take any and all suggestions on how to organize my admittedly large and unorganized collection of patterns and ideas. I need help!! And, no I do not want to downsize at this point; I want them all, but I want to be able to find them when I need them.