My birthday weekend.

Yep, I went and had a birthday over the weekend...sneaky aren't I? I turned 49, so it was pretty low key. We had my ex-hubby's second set of kiddies with us for the weekend, and son Jake, dil Kerri, and grandson Owen were with us quite a bit as well. Adam was home from hockey, as there were no games Saturday or Sunday, and my Jeff and the three dogs rounded out the numbers!! Thank you everyone for the phone calls, emails, and facebook messages! I even got to talk to Branilslav in Czech Republic, (Oh how I miss that boy) and Adam's parents, Mirko and Lenka also in Czech Republic.

Hubs had offered to take me out to dinner, but I decided to cook and have the kids here instead. It was much more relaxing, and gave us lots of cuddle time with little Owen. Maddy and Riley (the kids half brother and sister) were so much fun to have, and they got a chance to visit with their nephew while here as well! Of course Jess and I took a ton of pictures, and I thought that I would share them with you all.

I am off for a barium swallow today, so I am not too thrilled! Jess has had one, and she said that the chalk drink was pretty hard to keep down. I am a gagger, especially in the morning, so this should be interesting!

I'll try and post again tonight, cause I need to take a picture of the stitchery that Jess made me for my birthday.