Owen William Lawson

Proud new Dad, Jake:)

Well, we went up to the hospital today so that Hubby Jeff and daughter Jess could meet little Owen. At 12 hours old, he has already changed since the night before. Kerri looked wonderful too! We all got a chance to hold and cuddle with him for a bit, and of course pictures had to be taken. This was the first time that Hub's has held a little newborn, but he fell in love right away, and looked pretty darn comfie. Jess of course was so pleased to meet her nephew...and you know that I was over the moon to get a chance to hold him....look at the goofy look on my face!

Momma, Dad, and baby are doing well, but very tired of course. I didn't have the heart to tell them that they will be tired for the next 18 to 199 years:) I think that I want the grankids to call me Grammy. Kerri's Mom does not care what she is called, so she will probably be Grandma, and I really, really don't want to be called Nana; so Grammy it is!

I am off to do my Avonex injection. I know that I was supposed to do it last night, but it was so late (after 2am), that I would have been too sick to go and hold the baby during visiting hours today, so the injection got shoved back a day! Jeff and Adam have gone back up to the hospital, so that Adam could meet the little guy. I will stab myself and go to bed early,

Adam and Owen posing for the camera:)

I forgot, I went to the doctor today to see if I am ever going to get my voice back since its been over six weeks now, and he is sending me to the specialist, cause he thinks that I may have a torn or paralyzed vocal cord, which could (or not) be related to that damn MS. I go on March 2nd, which isn't too long to wait at all. In the meantime, if you are calling my house, and just hear a little squeak on the line...it's just me:)