Our first Grandchild...finally!

He is offically called Owen William Lawson

I couldn't get these pictures to load via email, so I thought that I would post them on my blog for you all to see.

After being over a week late, our grandchild decided to make his entrance into his new Momma and Dad's world, with much fanfare. Poor Kerri had 43 1/2 hours of difficult labour, and then the doc decided that the little guy wasn't going to come out on his own after all, so they went ahead and delivered him at 2210 hours on February 16th by Cesarean section. By this point Kerri (and Jake) were so exhausted both mentally and physically, that they didn't care how he was going to be born, they just wanted him out! Kerri's Mom and Dad, (Julie and Paul) and I had been in the birthing room with her since about 4:00 pm (Kerri's Mom was there for the whole time but I didn't go until four) and she was really suffering for quite some time. After the little guy was born we got to sneak back in to see him get weighed and measured. He is 8 lbs. 7 ounces, and 21 inches long, with the longest blonde eyelashes I have ever seen on a babe.

For my son Jake, it was love at first sight. There is nothing so special as when you see new life, especially for the parents. I was pretty chuffed with his perfectness as well:) We took a few pics and got out of there so that Mom, Dad and baby could bond.

I am still on cloud nine:) I also forgot in my excitement that today is my injection day, so while I wait for my medicine to warm up, I thought that I would show the pictures of Baby Boy Lawson. Still to be named.....an update from last night, they have officially called him Owen William Lawson.

Of course I will be on Gammy overload with the camera for awhile, so if you aren't as fond of babies like me, then you will just have to gloss over them. I absolutely cannot wait to hold him in my arms, I really can't.

What a beautiful baby boy you have created Jake and Kerri, he is so lucky to have parents such as yourselves. I know without a single doubt, that children cannot be spoiled with love, and trust me, this little guy is going to be getting a LOT of love.

Even have a short video of the little guy:)