The stitchery that I made for Kathy. It was a saying that her Dad had given her, and she passed it on to me when I needed to hear it. So, I surprised her with a stitchery of the saying...I still have to get around to making one for myself, its on my to do list:) Thinking of you today Kath, since it is five years today that your Dad passed away. Hugs to you.

The Dogzilla I made for Owen.

A little penny rug for DIL Kerri's bathroom.

A little stitchery to go with the penny rug.

Visiting with Owen on Saturday. He slept the entire time we were there, so we just kept passing him around for snuggle time, then put him back in his cradle when we left!

Owen looking so handsome with his: I'll scratch my face if you take these mittens off' thingies on.

Dear Hubs, or Gramps as he would like to be known, trying to suck the fountain of youth out of Owen for himself.

Jess and Owen.

Kerri and Jake's little Chip inspecting Owen. Since he was asleep and quiet, he wasn't too interested.

Poor DIL Kerri...After going through such a long labour, then the c-section, now has cellulitis! Thank goodness that she is an emerg nurse, cause she had to go up to the ER on Saturday night, where they wanted to admit her for IV antibiotics. Some of her relatives are nurses too, and happened to be working, so they convinced the doc to let her go home with the IV and look after it herself. She is having such a rough time right now, and I wish that there was something magical that I could do to help her. I know that Jake feels pretty helpless too, I guess we can be so thankful that little Owen is healthy and thriving! Sending you soft hugs, and healing thoughts Kare Bear:)

Rondell, you will be thrilled to know that I am finally on the last of your valences! Good lord, they have taken me so long to do, what with stopping for other work, crocheting, family, and sickness, that I wouldn't be surprised to hear to your know longer need them cause you have moved into a seniors home! (She was considerably younger when I started them folks) I'll get them grubbied up and in the mail to you by Friday...Yes I said Friday (gasp) of this month.

I must tell you that dear Hub's, cut and peeled some apples for me yesterday, cause we had so many from the market, and from a fruit basket that his work had sent while he was sick. I decided to make an apple crisp, which isn't a big deal normally; but I haven't baked in awhile, so the smell of it baking was driving Adam crazy. Jess does not like apple crisp, so it was just the three of us eating it last night. When I got up this morning, there was only a wee corner of it left. I told Adam that it wasn't really a dessert, it was almost 'good' for you since it contained apples and oatmeal...I guess that he took my words to heart and had some for breakfast as well.

It's Monday which means its Avonex night tonight, so I have been busy cleaning the house. Doing the sheets and comforter, vacumming, sort of dusting, and putting out garbage, as well as tidying some of my 'craft' piles that seem to accumulated everywhere. If anyone ever wants to just pop in, Monday nights are the only time that my house is clean. I like it clean then, so that when I am sick from my shot on Monday nights, I won't be fretting about what needs to be done. So far, it has worked out great, although it also means that by the time the weekend rolls around, it needs doing again!

Oh yeah, after 7 weeks, I think that I am finally getting my voice back! I am so sick of everyone having to say 'pardon' or 'what', and I know that I was sick of whispering!! The kids are all in school and Hub's is back to work after being off for two weeks sick. It seems strange to actually be alone in the house...I am loving it of course, but it does seem strange!