Lots of snow, but glorious sunshine today.

Friday night I went with Hub's to Toronto, he had a stag to go to, and didn't want to stay in a hotel by himself. Since Adam had hockey in Guelph, I went with Jeff and had a blissful, quiet night with no phones, or dogs.

Saturday, like a fool I went to watch Adam play hockey, and by the second period my throat was so raw that I just wanted to die. OK, slight exagerration there, but it was bad enough that I did go to Emerg for a throat swab, and a couple of prescriptions. I was back home within 1 1/2 hours.

Today has been very lazy...six more days until the grandbaby is due, and Kerri is ready...very ready!
Happy Super Bowl Sunday:)

A beautiful day here today, it's above zero and sunny for the first time this year. Even though I'm sick with Strep throat, I couldn't resist sitting in the sun for a few minutes, watching Hub's and Adam playing in the snow. The old dog, Buddy wouldn't move from his bed by the fire, but Mable was out with me, and Adam had her chasing snowballs for a bit.

Adam decided to make a snow fort...they just don't get snow like this in Czech Republic...of course he didn't tamp the snow down so it collapsed after about two hours:)

Now, like everyone else, we are getting ready to watch some football. Back to school tomorrow for Adam, with a new semester, and back to work for Jeff. Hopefully the groundhog wont see his shadow...maybe an early spring?