I won, I won!

I won, I won!!!!

I am so excited today that I had to stop and share my happiness with you all. One of the giveaways I entered during the OWOH Giveaway made me a winner. Mike over at Dear Hubby Gentle Instruction had a giveaway for a sealed Adobe Photoshop Elements, if you would tell Mike what you would like your headstone to say when your time to pass comes along. I not only one the Photoshop, but he made me a headstone (shown abouve) of my very own. Mike also teaches classes, but he is way down in Cali, and I am way up here in Peterborough Ontario. Its a little to far to commute so I will have to stick with reading the 'help' files whilst learning how to use the Photoshop.

Thanks again Mike for hosting such a generous giveaway, and for picking me as the winner, it has just made my day:)