Giveaway ends tonight, and my week so far!

I just love this picture of my Jess!

It is the last day to enter my giveaway for the One World One Heart Huge Blogland Giveaway. Here is a link for you to enter, before midnight my time:) I have made a little blessed stitchery, and a few hand appliqued stuffed primitive hearts. My Giveaway. It is also the last day to sign up for any of the other over 900 giveaway's going on in blogland; the link to that is over on my sidebar! I dind't get time to enter near as many contests as I would have like to, but that just makes it luckier for you all:)

My Hub's is still in the hospital, we are crossing our fingers that he will come home today. He will be on clear fluids for awhile when he does come home, so I did a grocery shop between hospital visits and stocked up on Jello, gingerale, juices and clear broth. He has lost over 11 lbs. in the six days he has been in, so that's not a bad thing.

Our first grandson has still not made his entrance yet, he is now six days overdue, and our daughter-in-law Kerri is just counting the seconds until he comes out! She is going for an ultrasound on Friday, but her doctors said he will induce her on Tuesday if nothing happens this weekend. Kerri's birthday is on Sunday, so maybe the little guy will surprise her with a lovely birthday present:) Not to worry, I have had my camera in my purse for the last two weeks, so that I can post pic's of the little guy. Hub's gave me a digial frame for Christmas, which I am saving just for this little Guy's photo's.

Adam's Mom and Stepdad are still visiting from the Czech Republic, so he has been away from our house quite a bit this past week. He injured his shoulder just before they came over so he hasn't been able to play hockey while they have been here, but since he has been injured, he has been able to visit with them more than he normally would, so thats a bright point! Theie last night in Peterborough is Friday, and the Peterborough Petes have a game in Ottawa, so I have invited them for dinner and to watch the game with us. Of course Hub's will be eating Jello, but the rest of us have to eat:)

What a week this has been, so exhausting, and worrisome, but it has ended well, and I think that I will have to sleep right through Saturday and Sunday to feel rested again. Thanks to everyone for the prayers for Jeff, they worked! I'll be posting Friday with the winner of my giveaway.