What I'm workin on

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I thought that I would show you all a couple of pics of what I am working on this week. These are the ones that I HAVE to finish ASAP, not cause people are clamoring away for them; but because they are driving me crazy that its taking so long to finish them!

The blankie is for my son Jake and my daughter-in-law Kerri the soon (10 days) to be first time parents of a little boy. Since it's my first time being a Grammy, I HAVE to finish this blankie as Kerri will need it when she is in her glider chair that we bought for the babe. The blanket matches the chair and Ottoman and the walls of the babies room. The walls are a milk chocolate, and white trim, and the crib is wood with a sage green and brown corduroy and blue bedding. It looks so peaceful in that room, with all of his little outfits hung up, and shoes lined up below in his closet. So, as you can imagine, its imperative that blankie is finished before baby arrives.

Of course, baby could come early, or up to two weeks late, so I could be panicking for nada:)

The pieces of beige wool with the pennies sewn on and with the mustard colored backing are some window valences that I offered to make for Rondell ages ago. I finally got at it again, and found that the store where I buy the mustard flannel is out of it right now, and I have to wait for their next shipment:( Well, Rondell has been so very patient, that I am sure this latest delay will come as no surprise. Of course the valences haven't been aged on the wool side, or the mustard backing. That will make them look a lot less bright, and more prim. Hey Rondell, is that a job you would like to do yourself, or do you want me to age them? It's such a personal decision, aging our crafts, some like it very prim and mottled, and others want just a hint of old. Just let me know Rondell, if you want to do it, I am more than happy to leave it up to you my friend:)

The last on in the group is a stitchery that I am making for my hockey friend Kathy. Its a verse from the bible (I think) that she emailed to me when I was going through a very rough patch both medically, and with my marriage. It was one that her Dad always quoted to her, and sadly he passed away, making this verse even more of a treasure. The verse really touched my heart as did the advice and hugs that were sent through cyber space. Started out to just make one for myself as I had picked up a large, long frame that will be perfect for it. Kathy heard my idea and asked if I would make her one sometime. I thought that I had better do hers first, and I got a lovely frame to finish it off. Anyway, I want to finish this piece and give it to her Thursday night at hockey. I am so very lucky to have such good friends and family that gather me close when I am troubled, and they don't judge, they usually just listen and let me try and figure things out myself. I will post a closeup pic when I give it to Kathy on Thursday.

I'm pleased to say that things are much better for me right now, although my health is terrible, the flu and a cold, then my Avonex which made me even sicker, since I was already sick, and now I have swollen glands and knives stabbing at my throat, with the most unsexy cough you couldn't even imagine. So this weeks Avonex injection sucked too since I was already sick:) But...great news!!! I finally got reinstated for my disability...that was a huge relief, and this has really helped with the tension and problems at home. Hub's and I are really trying now to work on our marriage...communication being our biggest problem. We are waiting for an appointment with a marriage counselor, which will be new and strange for both of us, but we do still love each other, we need to learn a few new ways to talk, argue, and make-up:) I can see him trying harder to think of someone besides himself, and boy I do appreciate it.

Well, two posts this week, my goodness, you all are going to think that I don't do anything but blog all day long:)