Today we went to daughter-in-law Kerri's baby shower. Kerri's Mom Julie organized every single thing, and all I had to do was show up! It does not get easier accepting that I can't do as much as I would like to, but at least I'm trying. I did get to help clean up a little after, but that was about it. The weather was kind of yucky with a ton of snow falling, but at least it wasn't too cold.

Kerri hates games, so this shower was pretty quiet. Kerri's Mom had a ton of food, and Kerri received a lot of beautiful gifts. We got them a glider and ottoman set for the babies room. It was a nice shower, and not to long. Of course, I had to pig out on a huge piece of that cake, a corner piece too:)

The yummy cake:

Kerri opening gifts

My niece Sarah, great-nephew Ryder and my sis-in-law Syvia

Me and little Ryder...who is not so little; almost 18 lbs. and not quite 6 months! He was so good today, he never fussed once.

Now we are heading over to Jake and Kerri's to watch the UFC and to drop off the carload of gifts that wouldn't fit into Kare's car. We will fill up on some of the leftovers from the shower. I think that I will have gained five pounds this weekend just from all of the goodies.

Here is a pic of the littler stitchery I made for Kerri's Mom, Julie. Just a little thank you to her for all of her work.

20 more days to go for Kerri, hopefully the little guy comes on time, or earlier, Kerri is more than ready. I'm still crocheting the baby blanket, so he had better stay inside for a few more days:)