Monday's Mixture

I know, I know, I have been a bad blogger...sorry about that my friends:) I have let my life take over, when I should have been blogging about it all along...jokes..I wouldn't subject you to that torture. Lets move on to other things instead.

It's Monday, so it's injection day. I switched the day for my Avonex injection over Christmas so that I would feel better by the end of the week. Now, Mondays are cleaning and errand day, cause I can't seem to enjoy been ill after my shot if the house isn't clean. Isn't that crazy? I seem to be at peace (albeit sicker than a dog) if I know that I have gotten caught up on the laundry and done the vacuuming ahead of my shot. Kinda like always putting on clean underwear with no holes underwear before going on a car trip...just something drummed into my head over the years.

I have been stitching a bit as well as crocheting. Almost finished putting all the pennies on Rondell's valences, then I have to attach the backing to each one. Its a very soothing restful occupation, perhaps to restful..poor Rondell has waited so long for these. The crocheting is a baby afghan for my soon to be born Grandson, just a few more weeks now. My daughter-in-law is an emerg nurse, and its getting very hard for her to reach across the stretchers now! We have a big combined baby shower this weekend for her. Kerri's mom Julie is doing all of the work, and I am ashamed to say, that I am letting her. I just can't muster up the energy, although I have offered. I will try and take some pics though and fill you in on the festivities.

We have all been sick in our house over the past week, with this cold/flu virus. I am still snuffling like an elephant at the watering hole, but I feel like I'll live now, so I think that I am over the worst of it.

I thought that I would pass on this great link to you:) Cathy over at Hazelruthes blog has a great tutorial on printing on fabric, good enough for me to put a link in my sidebar over on the left. I just wandered over to her site, and am still exploring it, there is lots to read. Hazelruthe's tutorial can also be found here: Fabric printing by Cathy.

I have also joined the Fibre Arts Blogger Ring, there is a link over on the left. Just what I need, more great fibre lover blogs to visit in my day:) Thankfully, its winter and I have time for browsing. Its way to icy on our sidewalks for me to safely walk anywhere, and I hardly ever have a vehicle in the day now, so that leaves me pretty much....HERE. Of course, there are worse places to be, here is a cozy kitchen, with the two dogs sleeping in front of the fireplace, and me in my wing/lazy boy chair beside them.

The sun has stopped shining now, the clouds have returned, and there is snow on the way tonight or tomorrow morning, so my poorly dusted kitchen isn't looking to bad right now. I think that I'll go and whip up some Rice Krispie bars...when you are sick, Rice Krispie's count as a cereal...don't they??

Wooly hugs,