It has been a quiet, yet busy week here. My daughter Jess and her friend Kailey decided that they would like to learn how to make some stitcheries for Christmas gifts, and Adam thought that he could get in on the game too! The weekend was spent doing alot of Christmas baking, and on Sunday the girls and Adam had their 'lessons'. I can't show 'what' they have made, cause they are 'secret', but they all have taken to it like a duck to water. The weather outside has made it very Christmassy, and it is very cold.

Adam helped decorate gingerbread cookies, and Jeff installed a wall rack for the 'new, larger' TV for me for the kitchen.

After my Avonex injection on Tuesday night, I thought that I was going to get a break and not be quite so sick. No such luck, it just seemed to come a little later and has stayed longer. I didn't make it to Adam's hockey game on Thursday night, but he was good enough to score a goal so that I could hear about it after. They even pulled out a win!! Four more games to go before they break for Christmas. Adam is flying home for a week on the 21st, and Jeff is driving him to the airport. He will only be gone for a week, and is back with us on the 28th.

I got a call from the MS Clinic at St. Mikes in Toronto for an appointment. I thought that I would have to wait six months for an date, but I go on Monday the 16th! Yikes! There isn't really anything different that they can do now, but it will be great to have their input. I had to quickly get a CD of my MRI's, and have all of the doctors notes anyway, that I have sent off for my disability appeal. There is no way that I can drive to downtown Toronto, actually, no way that I can drive anywhere if the truth be known. We are getting Jake to drive us (Jess is finished school for a month and is coming with me) to the GO station in Oshawa, and we will take the train from there. Jeff can pick us up in Oshawa when we are finished. It will be a long day for me, but both Jess and I have things to craft, and the time always goes quickly when I am with my girl!

I finally got the table cleaned off last night, to get it set for our dinner party today. We are having a potluck dinner with my brothers and their families, and I think that we are about 18 to 22 for dinner. It's hard to stop cooking, because it seems like I don't have enough...everyone is bringing something and I keep forgetting to allow for that! Baby Ryder is having his first dinner at our house, and I look forward to at least a few minutes of snuggle time with him.

I am trying to do a little, then rest a little, and Jess is busy cleaning up the mess in the TV room from Adam's late night wrapping binge. I cannot believe how much stuff he has to take back to the Czech Republic next week...I think that he is going to be overweight on his luggage. Jake is bringing his scales for us to weigh everything.

I stole a picture of my 7 months pregnant daughter-in-law Kerri off of Facebook. She hates having her picture taken, but I WILL get some photo's tonight for sure.

Sorry about the quality of this photo, I'll try and substitute a better one tomorrow, but this is the little mug rug that my swap mate Teresa sent to me from my rug hooking Yahoo group. She also enclosed two strips of yummy wool! Thanks Teresa, I just love it.

We sent our Christmas package to Brani in Slovakia, and I made him a quick little snowman.

I have to get my gift in the mail for the Secret Santa on Wool Snippets still. I have been holding off as I am making some stuff, and I still have to finish them. I am also frantically sewing circles for Rondell's valences. I think that they will head to Toronto with me on Monday as I really would love to finish them and get them to her before Christmas. I also have several ornie swaps to finish and send them out. My brother Tony is coming over next week to help me paint some birds that I have made and I really wanted to put one in each swap box.

Could someone stop the clock for a few days so that I can catch up????
I am off for a quick bath, then will bake a pineapple upsidedown cake for tonight. I have a ton of recipes for you all, I just have to find the energy and time to post them.

Thanks to Loralynn for your email, I am so appreciative of my blogging friends who enquire about me when I don't post....I love you guys, I really do!

I hope to post a ton of party pictures tomorrow, and I am really going to try and relax and enjoy the party and NOT obsess over every little detail like I usually do.