Gifts in the mail and awards!

I won an award yesterday from Tammy at the Old Hollow Crow blog,

I don't think that anyone has quite figured out what it signifies ("Let them eat cake?"), but I'm thrilled all the same. Oh wait, I think I've got's for the blogs that you lose your head over! LOL

Here are the rules:
1. Please put the Marie Antoinette picture on your blog.
2. Place a link to the person from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs.
4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them

I think that I am going to follow the trend of putting my first seven 'followers' out.
1. Lisa at Black Sheep Prims Homeplace
2. Alice at A Day In The Life
3. Wendy at The Cozy Yellow House
4. Leslie atMy Country Home
5. Gen at Ewenique Treasures
6. Natalie at Cinderberry Stitches
7. Rustic Tarts is so funny!

I received three packages in the mail yesterday. If I was smart, I would have held off opening some of them to spread out the fun, but I am greedy, I ripped them all open right away!

The first one came from Jen at Taylors Farmhouse. We both signed up for a gift exchange with Jenn at Bittersweet Prims. It was fun to do. Here are the goodies that Jen sent to me.

The next package came from Ginger Primitives By The Light Of The Moon who had my name in a homemade Ornie Swap from my Wool and Rags Yahoo group. She was supposed to send ONE ornament, but as you can see, she got carried away! I am so glad she did, my first punchneedle piece!
Thank you so much Ginger.

And finally, a package from Cathy a member of Wool and Rags, a three D Ornie and some special tea, with a note telling me to drink the tea a have a rest. How sweet was that?

I tell you, sometimes my internet friends are so good to me, it just makes my eyes leak. Love you guys for all of your support and for the fun we have in between the bitching:)

Today being Tuesday, is my injection day for the Avonex. This is my new normal, so I figured I might as well get a routine going. I am going to give myself the shot after dinner, so that hopefully I can sleep through some of the worst side effects. Last week, they kicked in around dinner time, and got progessively worse as the evening went on. Got up twice in the night to get sick, and felt like a truck had run over me. I would like to try and sleep this time, and spend a quiet Wednesday in bed or in my chair. Hopefully, I'll be well enough to go to Adam's hockey on Thursday.

Hubs dragged me out last night to do some Christmas shopping, we left at 7pm and arrived back at home by 9pm, and I was spent both physically and moneywise. We got a suprising amount of shopping done in that time, and have only about 10 people left to buy for. Jessica my dearest daughter always does the gift wrapping for me, so I only have to wrap her stuff. Jess also put the Christmas tree up this year, and decorated it for me on the weekend. I don't have any of the other Christmas decorations up around the house yet, but I'll get to it.

I drove Hubby to work at 5:30 this morning so that I could have the car today, knowing that I wont be going anywhere for a couple of days. Yes, I am driving, occasionally, and only in the day....technically I am not supposed to be, but my vision is much improved, at least in the mornings. As the day goes on it gets worse, kind of like my eyes are tired. I had 3 MRI's on the weekend and drove to all of them as they were booked for 7:30 in the morning. So I drive when I need to, but its not much.

One side effect from the Avonex, which I hope is just a fluke, was the sadness, or depression that came over me. I really couldn't function well, and was crying for such stupid reasons. I didn't feel like doing anything, either talking on the phone or the computer. It has gone away as the week progressed, so I really hope that it was a one time thing. The Neurologist had said that my family doc may have to put me on anti depressants as it is a side effect of this medication...but geeze, one more pill a day? I am on so very many as it is, and am already overweight!

So, thank you all again for the lovely prezzies, and the award, it really made my day. I am going to go and do a little shopping (grocery) and check out the thrift stores:)

I have lots of stuff that I have made to show you, but they are 'secret stuff' so it will have to wait until after Christmas.