Grandchild update

We got to see my first grandchild on Tuesday!!
Here are 3D pictures of our not yet born first grandchild, little baby boy Lawson! Kerri and Jake let me and her Mom Julie go with them when she had it done Tuesday afternoon. I was amazed, at how clear it was.

They had several large flat screen TV's in the room so that you could watch the baby, as well as the monitor. Kerri was semi-reclined on a beautiful leather chaise lounge, and Jake got to sit beside her in a leather chair. The room was blessedly warm, which was nice for Kerri, and they had boxes of kleenex all over, which was a blessing for me! My eyes kept leaking every time the little guy moved, or sucked his thumb. We could see everything, and yes its definetly a boy!!! 11 weeks to go.

I am doing a poll over on my sidebar, and hope that you will post your favorite name for me:)

I am working on some recipes and a links page, one of them will be up tomorrow night. I have to get this mop of hair cut and dyed tomorrow, after being so sick, I know that it will make me feel better. Went to the doctors today, but I still can't drive....gggrrrrr. I still really hate asking for rides, I took the bus twice this week though, and have been walking a bit. I walk like a drunken sailor these days, not a pretty site!

For all who follow my MS progress; I am finished the Prednisone, the eyes are somewhat better, but it is pretty slow. On Tuesday I have a teacher coming to show me how to give myself injections as I will be starting the Avonex! I hope, hope, hope that I wont be too sick, the doctors said you just have to wait and see. Still fighting with my insurance company who decided that I could return to work at a sedentary job the day I got my Optic Neuritis, ha ha. Those insurance companies are no fun. Now we have to fight to get back the coverage, which is mind boggling to me.

Meantime, I have lots to keep me busy here at home, secret stuff of course!

Wooly hugs,