A Christmas Giveaway.

A Christmas Day Giveaway from ME:)

You all know how much pleasure I get from having giveaways; gosh I enter a ton of them, and rarely ever win myself, but I really do enjoy making up a package and shipping it to a lucky winner. The nice thing about it, is I often make a new blogging friend from doing giveaways, and I have met (metaphorically) quite a few great women.

So I am going to have a Christmas Day giveaway, and you can get extra chances at winning if you put a link on your blog to my giveaway. One chance, by just leaving a comment at the end of this post, another chance if you right click on the wreath above, and save it to your computer, then post about it on your blog using the wreath as a link, then let me know, I'll give you an extra chance. Whats the prize in my giveaway?? Well, I actually don't know yet, but I can tell you that it will be multiple prizes, and you will love them. I'll give you some hints as we get into December. So, this draw will take place after dinner on Christmas Day, so some lucky person will get an extra 'prezzie' for Christmas.

If you don't blog, you can still enter once, just make sure to leave me your email address so that I can get in touch with you via email.

I am going to post some of my favorite links for Christmas, crafts, cooking, music and what-have-yous, but I will save that for later in the week.

I thought that I had better show some of the prizes in this giveaway. It's not final, I'll be adding more, but a little tease is good for the soul:)

So far we have a beautiful full length vintage apron, two mustard candles in prim black candle holders, a candle/tart melter, soy vanilla wax beads (for the melter), a vintage black embroidered sewing kit (I think that you can peek inside if you make this picture bigger by clicking on it), a fridge magnet that says Happiness, two prim wooden hearts with a rusty bell on each, an angel 'blessed' stitchery in a grubby prim black frame, two prim candy canes, and finally, three prim eggs in their nests on a glass plate.

I will be adding more to this list as I finish making (or buying them). Sweets, tea, chocolate have to be added of course...no giveaway is complete without them:)