Thanksgiving weekend and a Giveaway winner.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, the weather was amazing, and so was the foliage. It was a busy weekend with a dinner Saturday night at Irwin Inn (thanks Jess) that was hosted by Jeff's cousin Nancy and her hubby Bill. I think that there were around 40 people there, so we didn't get alot of time to chat with them. What a great dinner it was though, and it was good to see some faces that we only see at funerals and weddings. Thanks Nancy and Bill for such a lovely time, email me some of your pictures when you get time; I was so busy eating that I didn't take any pics:(

On Sunday we went to Norwood to Jeff's Mom and Dad's. We arrived there shortly before 1pm so that we could go to the fair, as did almost everyone else in a 50 mile radius! Jeff, Adam (and a rather hungover) and Jake went on the rides, and Jess and I explored the animal barns and the food and craft buildings. It was crazy busy, but we managed to see almost everything, eat a lot of stuff that wasn't particularily good for us, and take a few pics. Then we went back to Bert and Jackies for our Thanksgiving feast!!

Monday was spent recovering from Sunday and watching the Pete's hockey on TV. Oh yeah, I got Jeff to pick a name for the winner of my 'Share the LOVE giveaway'....I know thats the only reason why you are still reading this....for the winner's name!!
Well the winner is: loralynn from My Art, My So Called Life I have emailed you for your snail mail information to get this penny rug kit in the mail to you; CONGRATS!! Thank you to everyone that entered, and I'm sorry that I didn't have a prize for everyone.

I won, I won! An award that is:) Rondell, over at Tomatoe Creek Prims honored me with an award last night...thank you so much Rondell. Visit her blog to enter the two new giveaways that she has posted about! I have to nominate 6 others for this award. That is really hard to do, cause so many of you have such wonderful blogs, but I'll give it a try. The rules are to grab this award pic and post it on your blog, and nominate 6 of your choice for the same award! Of course, you have to tell the winners that they have been chosen.

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I have a couple of recipes to post later on today, but the gardens are calling my name right now......maybe later:)