Kreativ Blogger Award and/or Life in the Slow Lane

Adam's first visit to our new Costco. He was dazzled by everything, they don't have the variety in the Czech Republic, and the prices are way cheaper here.

OK, I was a little dazzled too!

I've been awarded another award:) Not that I deserve another award, for I have been a bad blogger lately...but THANK YOU SO MUCH ANNA!!! Anna has the sweetest blog called It's Harvest Time. She also has two of the most beautiful grand babies that I have ever seen. Anna always has a huge list of giveaways on her blog, and you MUST go a visit her. Besides I am too damn lazy to do all that copy and paste stuff to link you all up with them.

Now to get back to this award; I need to list six things that make me happy, and pass this award on to six creative bloggers.

Things that make me happy....Things that piss me off would be much easier, but I'll try:)

1. Hugs...lots of hugs. The real kind, the ones that make your heart grow three sizes every time you get one.

2. I am very happy when I spend hours creating a meal and dessert that everyone enjoys eating. The kind of eating that makes you undo the top button on your pants! That kind of eating.

3. My dogs make me happy, especially when they curl up against me in the night, and make those dog 'sighs'. Or when I'm sitting in 'my' chair and Mable jumps up to snuggle. Makes it a little hard to do rug hooking when she is on your lap, but I still love it. Of course my dogs make me mad about fifty times a day too; barking at the wind, farting, begging, wanting to go out; wanting to come in; you know the usual dog stuff.

4. My family. My Jessica who is always there for me, even if she can't be 'there' for me. My hubby how puts up with my bitchiness. My son Jake and daughter-in-law Kerri always bring me Tim Horton's coffee when they visit in the day. I love them for that; you have no idea how much that means to me. I also love baby boy Lawson that Kerri is cooking up. She is getting big now, and the babe is due Feb. 7th!!!

5. I am thankful to be able to get out of bed in the morning, and to be still able to get around on my own two feet. Might not be this way for ever, and I move pretty slow and wobbly when I do get up, but I'll take whatever the big guy is offering:) Of course, if you were actually here when I get up, you would hear moaning and groaning, and you would probably go and hide until I got a coffee into me. I didn't say I was perfect.

6. Rainy Monday's spent at the could go to Chapters and drink a nice strong coffee and lounge in their cushy leather chairs and read their books without actually buying them...not that I have ever done that...I'm just sayin:)

I cannot pick just six creative bloggers; I just can't. Visit my ever changing sidebar over on the left and visit anyone of them. They are all pretty darn creative, artistic, and marvelous. So you just go ahead and pick six today and visit their blogs, then come back tomorrow and visit six more:)

Jess's turtle Lewis snuck his way onto my pumpkin display!

I've been slavin in the garden for this past week. Almost finished now, just a few more things to clip, and probably another dozen green waste bags to fill. I'm kind of happy about it, cause once everything has been cleaned up for winter I can get going on some projects that I have started. Almost finished Jess's scarf, I don't know if I have the skill to make the matching mittens especially with the wool we are using (it is thin and thick in parts) but I'll give it a go. Adam decided that he would like me to make him a 'black' scarf before the cold comes. Czech boy is very 'leary' about our Canadian winters. I have to get Rondell's valences done (she is so patient with me) and I have to finish my large circular penny rug, and get hooking on my challenge rug for the UFO group. Plus the ton of other things that I can't even think of at the moment....

Just remembered that I must make the christmas pudding cake, cause it needs to go in the freezer for two months. Yikes!!
Thanks for reading, thanks for visiting, and thanks Anna for the award, it made me smile. I am going to finish that scarf now....

Jess and her turtle Lewis