These past few days...

This is why we put up with such long winters....autumn in Ontario is a beautiful thing.

Some pictures of Adam on his birthday last Sunday, blowing out the 17 candles; don't count them cause I think that there are only 12.

Waiting for his ride at 7:45am for fitness before school; Mable left our warm bed to keep him company. She loves him so much already, it's like he has been with us for 6 months, not 6 weeks.

We went to Norwood on Friday night to go out to dinner for chinese with hubby's Mom and Dad, they are so cute! I cannot believe that Bert is going to be 77 in two weeks, I only hope that my Jeff ages that well.

My brother-in-law Art who happened to be standing in my doorway on Saturday, and I couldn't resist a picture. Little did he know that he had lined himself up perfectly with the moose antlers on the wall!

I finally finished painting my mudroom, and put my little penny rug valances that I made up. I can't show the floor cause Jeff still hasn't replaced the carpet:(

On Sunday we took Adam, Jess, and her BF Curtis and the dogs to Coe Hill for a day of fishing, hiking and smore's making over an open fire. The sun wasn't shining, but the leaves were beautiful anyway. It took me awhile, but I got a good fire going, and we had hot dogs, baked potatoes and smore's for an early dinner. It was pretty cool and windy, but we enjoyed ourselves.

Jess and Curtis playing games while the potatoes bake above, and some fun while eating smores below.

Jeff and I posing in front of this very tiny, but real church in Apsley, and yes my hair is dyed. I am back to colour on my head, I couldn't get used to the grey, and hubby sure tried to be as polite as could be about it...Man, he was so pleased when he came home Friday night and saw that the greys were gone!

Our little lake

Jess and Curtis coming out of the woods after a hike. I thought that it was strange that Curtis would have his shirt off on such a cool day, but he had gotten bitten twice by a wasp, and had to rip his shirt off to kill it. Oh these townies:)

Buddy in Jeff's lap

Jeff and Adam fishing on the lake

Mable our youngest dachshund was crazy enough to roll in deer skat; she was covered. I tried to wash her in the lake a bit before we left for home, just to get some of the smell off...yuck! Every few minutes one of us would have to put the window down just to get some fresh air in the car! When we got home I had to bathe her three times before I got her reasonably clean. Her long fur is covered in burr's, I actually cut about twenty or so out before Mable got tired of the whole business.
This is why I put up with such long winters in Ontario; isn't this beautiful??

Two very tired dogs on the way home.

Today is a stiff and sore day, but thats OK, it was worth it! My son Jake and daughter-in-law Kerri were getting the house emptied out today, and although their newly built house isn't quite ready, they have to get out of their place and put their things into storage for a few weeks. I offered to watch little Chip for the day, and he is a handful of a dog. With three dogs all day in the house, there was no lying in bed, so I got a lot of stuff done that I probably wouldn't have. I have been busy doing laundry, cleaning, and baking. An apple pie, a pumpkin pie, and lemon and raspberry tarts. Jeff's Uncle Bun, Aunt Joan, (from Edmonton) Uncle Harold and Aunt Phyllis are coming to help us eat it tonight.

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Wooly hugs,