Happy birthday Terry! and back in the land of living!

First, I want to thank everyone that emailed me or commented on my blog over the past week. The cyber hugs, and kind words after my last little 'rant', truly went such a long way to help me feel better. My daughter Jess, hid this little note in my purse that really sums things up for me:

"If you are going through hell...keep going"
Winston Churchill
(I came across that, and thought if may make sense to you)
I will always love you,

I don't 'feel' a heck of alot better physically, but mentally I am somewhat more stable. I finally finished my penny rug tutorial, mailed off my giveaway prizes and what the hell gift; to Cyndi, Cyndi, and Rondell...and am making some headway in the gardens.

I have accepted that I cannot do today what I could do last year, or even six months ago, and for my own sanity, I will declutter my 'crafts' and stick to only making the things I love to do. The gardens will be smaller, and weedier (is that a word) and the house won't be as spotless as I would like, but when life gives you lemons, you might as well make a pie:)

A very, very very happy 50th birthday to my brother Terry Perilli! We went to Terry and Nancy's home on Sunday for drinks before going out to dinner at the Old Bridge Inn in Young's Point Ontario. It was a great evening, and the food was wonderful. We had 18 family members around the table, and although everyone in the family couldn't be there, it was just wonderful to visit with the ones that could make it. Nancy gave Terry a gift of a trip to Cuba with the family for the end of October, and he was pretty surprised I think! I would have loved to go with them, but money, schedules and my health wouldn't permit it. Of course we dragged Adam (our newest family member) with us, and my Uncle Bob toasted Adam, and welcomed him to the family. It was great fun, and worth having to spend most of the day in bad yesterday!!
I have a couple of pics from our day on Sunday with the Perilli's:

The birthday boy: Terry Perilli

My Uncle Bob

My son Jake and my cousin Robbie

My daughter Jess and my pregnant daughter in law Kerri

My nephew Joe Perilli, the cheesehead!

Adam Sedlak, settling in with the Perilli's

My most beautiful sister in law Nancy Perilli

Me and hubby Jeff

Nancy's wonderful, wonderful Mom, Rita Clarke

Well, back to gardening, groceries and housework....thanks again for visiting, and for helping me get back up when I stumble:)

Wooly hugs,