Giveaway winner and an Award:)

Well, we have a winner of my September giveaway! I wish that I could have done another forty or fifty kits, and send one to all of you; but I will just have to do this again in a month or so.

The winner is: Cyndi (windycindy)!!! I have also sent you a private email, since you do not have a blog.
If you would email me your snail mail address, I will get this wonderful penny rug kit out to you. Please keep in mind that the Canadian postal service is very slow!!

There were a few requests for instructions on making a simple penny rug, so I will write a penny rug instruction post in the next few days, including the backing. Just as soon as I finish painting the mudroom and finish my autumn challenge for Wool and Rags, and get this prize out to Cyndi.

Oh yeah, I am so super stoked about this!!! I won another award!! Ginger from Primitives by the Light of the Moon sent it to me!! You HAVE to go and visit her blog/website, she has an amazing amount of talent, and I feel so honoured that she selected moi:)

The rules for this award are pretty straightforward; just pick 7 other deserving, talented primitive bloggers (preferably no one that I have given a 'shout out' to yet) and let them know that too have won! Alice and Betty were 2 of my choices, but I see that someone beat me to it. Big problem though, I am struggling to limit myself to just 7. Really....I wish that I had half the artsi-ness (I don't think that is a word, but it seems to fit) of some of the bloggers on my list. After many hours of thought (actually, it wasn't was more like days) here they are:

1. Lynda at Prim on a Whim
2. Megan at The Magpie Nest
3. Robin at Bird In The Hand Primitives
4. Jean at Bluejean Primitives
5. Dulcy at Dulcys Doorstep
6. Julie at Plum Run Creek
7. Kelley at With Hook and Needle

Go and visit them all, and I am sure that you will agree with me, they are just beautiful primitive artisans. Thanks again Ginger you made my day:)

Wooly hugs to you all,