Fridays Fun on Saturday.

I have been exercising walking that is. I have been working outside a bit, mostly digging up crabgrass and plantain, as well as a ton of other weeds who I just call bastards and bitches and other bad swear words. I do have lots of gardening tools, but my weapon of choice for crab grass and plantain weeds, is a regular old steak knife. It is very satisfying let me tell ya!!! Still working on my mudroom, I need to get new carpeting for it, and maybe hubby will help me in that department; or maybe not:( Painting is mostly done though, and I am pleased with the result. It is very shocking when you walk in from outside cause it is a very strong prim mustard colour that changes throughout the day. I will post pics when the carpet gets laid.

I have some great crafty, and cooking sites for ya all to visit this week. I find that if I post the links on this here blog with a little pic, then it is very easy for me to find it when I want it. Works out well for everyone. No secret that I love to cook and bake, and I am hoping to get all my fav recipes online this winter. Then I can save them to a disc for the kiddies; in case I pass on before they have picked my brain clean!

First one this week is:
Mary Corbet's Needle'n Thread.

A little blurb about her site: Hand embroidery is easier if you have someone around to show you how to do it. You can certainly find just about any embroidery stitch illustrated in a book, but it's not quite the same as sitting down next to a friend who can walk you through the stitches. There are quite a few videos available on embroidery stitches, but what I've noticed about them is that they go into techniques that are either specialized or beyond what the beginning embroiderer wants to know. So I thought I'd see if I could manage a video stitch library...
It's great folks, so go forth and visit, you will get hung up for hours on that site.

Next we have:
My Longest Year
A fabulous tutorial and pattern for sewing a quick and easy swaddle sheet for your baby. Of course now that we have a grandbaby on the way, I must get informed!
Another link from this same site is for an easy peasy burp pad. Also, crochet in a jiffy baby slippers. We will see how long my jiffy is compared to her jiffy!
Might as well go all out and learn how to make homemade baby food.

Now showcasing on our Fridays fun on Thursday:
Sew take a hike has really great tutorials on making labels with material and your printer. Something that I must get doing, so that fifty thousand years from now, a jetpod person can look at one of my penny rugs, and know what the hell it is, and who made it:)
A diaper changing pad lesson.
The most delicious sounding carrot cake recipe that I have ever read about

How about this one:
Curbly video podcast on how to turn an old window into illuminated art.
A little late for this season, but will be great for next spring: how to make an upside down tomato planter.
Make a spa towel head wrap.

When trying to go green, I found this web blog that has directions for cloth napkins hangers, to use instead of paper napkins.

Thought that I would end with a recipe for easy cinnamon rolls:

the easiest way to make this treat? pizza dough! i got this idea from a friend of a friend who brought cinnamon rolls to a party. although clearly not the healthiest of fare, a yummy and easy treat!

1 package of prepared pizza dough
1/4 cup of butter
lotsa cinnamon
lots of brown sugar

icing: 2 tbsp non dairy milk blended with 1/2 cup of icing sugar

1. take the pizza dough, and roll into a rectangle
2. melt the non dairy butter, and generously brush the dough
3. sprinkle the cinnamon until dough is almost completely covered, do the same with brown sugar too. You can also add some chopped pecans if you like...I know I like:)
4. roll the dough
5. cut into about 8 pieces
6. spray a baking sheet with cooking spray and cook for about 15 minutes at 350 degrees
7. when cool enough to serve, top with icing. serve warm.