I couldn't think of a snappy title for today's post; cause I am recovering from emergency dental surgery, and all of my thoughts are scrambled! I think the dentist drilled a bit too far when breaking apart my infected cracked molar, I really do.

I have an unreasonable fear of dentists, I know it, and so does my dentist. He has always been very sensitive to my phobia, and I really, really appreciate it. But last week, I cracked a molar, that had a previous root canal done to it. The pain was fairly intense, so after putting up with it for a bit, I called their office to get this taken care of before we went on holidays.

Yikes!!! I got an answering machine telling me that the dentist was on holidays for a week. I had to break down and go to a stranger:( They were pretty good, although all they did was x-ray me, and say that I would have to go to a specialist, get on antibiotics cause the tooth was infected, and some pain pills that did not begin to help. I went back on Saturday morning as my mouth had swelled up terribly. This dentist put me on a second antibiotic, and said to take both of them. They couldn't get me in to the specialist for two weeks, and we are planning a week at an island cottage during that time. Now, Jeff my hubby is patient, but this was totally unfair for him to have to look at a chipmunk face all week, never mind the fact that I wouldn't be able to eat and would be in pain.

First thing Monday morning I phoned my dentist, who thankfully, took me in right away, and started hacking away at my molar. It had to be taken out in pieces, and he practically had to wedge his foot on my chest to pull the root out, but its gone!!! Never thought I would be so happy to go to the dentist. I am still on all the pills, my mouth feels like a truck hit it, but I know that I will be feeling much better by Saturday. He did tell me to stay in bed for a couple of days, but my daughter Jess is coming home today, and Jeff and I have to go to Toronto to pick her up at the airport. Her flight has already been delayed by about 30 minutes due to the rain in Saint John, and we have texted several times today already about it. Her room is tidy, sheets are clean, and the dogs will be so thrilled to see her!

We talked to our hockey players (billet) step-father on the weekend, and they have Adam's flight booked already! He sounds like such a great kid, I can't wait to have him here with us. Even though he doesn't speak English, and we don't speak Czech, we will muddle through. His step-dad, who is also his agent speaks English, and we were able to tell him about us. Branislav met up with them, and filled them in on what life will be like in Peterborough for Adam, and he is really looking forward to coming.

Jessica's friend Cassandra moves into her apartment near us this week also, so we are having them for dinner on Thursday. She insists that despite living two blocks away from us this year, she still wants to come to our place for her weekend movies, and nap time:)

So, this is the end of the peace and quiet in our house...back to kids coming and going, college, hockey, and of course our first grandbaby in February. Life does not get better than that!