More Fridays are FUN

We went to hubby's 'family' property last weekend, and I spent the afternoon picking wild raspberries, swatting deer flies, and wandering through the woods. I thought that you would enjoy some of the fungi that I came across.

Another Friday, and I seem to have amassed some more sites/blogs for you to visit! I think that I have officially turned into a blog whore...I just can't stop myself. There are so many great ideas out there, just waiting for someone like me with enough time to find them for you!

Do you like popping that plastic bubble wrap? Here is some virtual bubble wrap for you to play with:)

If you find a blog or site that you think I might fancy, please leave me a comment or an email. You know that I would love to check it out. My blog roll over on the left side of this page has gotten so crazily long with my absolute favs, that I will probably make More Friday's are FUN a fairly regular thing, so that I can put a link to new (to me) sites and blogs on them.

This site called Whip Up is chock full of tutorials, and links to some pretty cool sites and blogs.

The one that I want to show you is for making baby onesies with an adult tank top. Here is the link to the tutorial, which is very clear, and has lots of pics of each step. Ladinka is the profile name for this particular tutorial. Here is a pic of a little one modelling this outfit.

Another great blog to visit is Mandy's over at Life in the Craft Lane
She always has some terrific free graphics, and I do LOVE free graphics:) She designs websites, eBay and blog banners, and I love reading her blog.

Fabric pom poms anyone? The possibilities are endless...Fabric Pom Tutorial

How about a tutorial on how to make Rag Balls?

How to make Rice Therapy Bags ...over at Sew Mama Sew.

Are you getting the idea that I think Christmas isn't THAT far away? Some of these ideas would be fab for Christmas gift's! Can't you imagine a Rice Therapy Bag (I think I would add some lavender and rosemary to the rice), a yummy soothing candle (if you worry about fire, use a Glade flickering scented candle), a good trashy novel, some bubble bath, and after-bath oil, a loofah, and then plop it all into a wicker basket. Voila, one Christmas gift out of the way, and for a reasonable price too!

We are very, very busy in our house over the next few weeks. Daughter Jessica is coming home Tuesday night, so it will mean a trip to Toronto to pick her up at the airport, which I really hate going to! She wasn't due home until September 1st, but she has had enough of the Fairmont in St. Andrews! It will give her a chance to get settled back at home before she starts her last year at college, and can get back to her 'regular' job at the Red Cross.

I am so excited....we have a new mattress set coming tomorrow morning! Ultra cushy, yet still firm enough for Jeff. We are going to play move the beds around; Jess is taking our old bed for herself, her bed is going to go down to Adam's room, cause he is too tall for the 3/4 bed that is down there, and finally Jess's friend Cassandra will get the 3/4 bed. Cassandra is arriving in Peterborough Thursday night with her parents. They are moving her into an apartment around the corner from us while Cassandra finishes her 3 years at our college. We are having them all for dinner Thursday night, and it will be extra special, cause now Jess will be home for it. Next weekend, Jeff and I and the dogs, are heading to Skeleton Lake for a week. We stay at a cottage that is on a little island, and it is very, very quiet. Just a little one bedroom cottage, that is perfect for two! The fishing is always fabulous, and I usually read about 10 books when we are there. All we do, is relax, fish, eat, and sleep, with lots of emphasis on the eating of course! The day after we get home, Adam should be flying from Czech Republic to live with us for the coming hockey season. I am trying to fill the freezer now with food for both him and Jess....God the grocery bills are really going to skyrocket again:( Oh well, its been to damn quiet here anyway. I operate better under pressure!

I have to do more laundry, and crappy vacuuming, since all the beds have to get moved. Cripes, where does the dust come from? They are rolling around like tumbleweeds in my kitchen. Maybe I should shut the windows so the wind can't blow in? I shudder to think how much dust and crap is under all of the beds. My cleaning skills tend to cover only the stuff I can see, I don't move stuff around to clean very often! OK, I am lazy, I'll admit it.

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the links!