Dull Friday's or fun on the computer.

A fun place to play with your pictures: Flickr Toys

Hubby Jeff will kill me when he see's this one!

Here is a great tutorial for a
Smores On a Poky

If you are into making your own aprons, here is a great link from TipNut: 50 free apron patterns.

Stitch Rip and Repeat has a great tutorial on making festive flag banners.

To learn how to make your own banner for your blog, go to Simply A Musing Blog for clear instructions.

To seriously kill some time go to this site, and do NOT press the red button! The Red Button.

This one is for my daughter Jess. How to make a mini smores grill. Really:)

A great tutorial for painting furniture black, and giving it an aged and primitive look. Southern Hospitality is the site.

Thats it for today, have a great weekend!