Summer storms and my niece Terri's visit.

My niece Terri who just graduated from high school, made a six hour drive from up in northern Ontario for a little visit this week. What a long drive for such a young girl! We had a great (but short) visit with her. She has turned into such a beautiful young woman..her mom Teresa should be so proud of her. Here's a picture of Terri horsing around with hubby Jeff.

It's only 31 more sleeps until Jess comes home. We also found out this week that we will be having another Peterborough Pete player this year living with us. His name is Adam Sedlak, and he is from Czech Republic. He will be one of the two Euro Imports for the Petes 2008/2009 season. We are so excited, cause Adam is only 16, so we might get to have him for three years! Of course, he doesn't speak English, so we will be slightly challenged at first, since we don't speak any Czech! We had the same problem when Brani came to live with us too, but we managed to work things out. He will be arriving before Jess gets back home, I think it will be on Aug. 24th. We have to go bed shopping, cause this boy is already 6'2", and he is still growing...He will not fit on the bed we have now.

We have had such huge storms this year, and I thought that I would try and get a picture of the lightening. My camera isn't that great, but there was so much lightening that I finally got one.
This picture was taken at 3:30am from the safety of our front porch!

Well, I am in the midst of making some penny rug valances for our mudroom, and I have wool pieces out all over the kitchen. I should be rug hooking for a challenge that I am in over at Wool Snippets, or working on my big circular penny rug...but no, I have to go and start another project. I know that you are all just as bad, so don't start yelling at me:) Maybe that could be a New Years resolution, to just finish up what I'm working on, instead of starting eighty different projects! Course, I have never been very good at resolutions.