Home Again...Getting Caught Up and Resting:)

Some pic's of my gardens after many hours of weeding!

Well, we have been home six days now, and I have spent this week getting caught up with the housework, laundry, mail, garden and groceries one day...and then sleeping it off the next day. Bit, by bit I am getting caught up. The joys of being away for two weeks in the summer; I shouldn't be surprised that there is so much to do, cause we go away every summer, but somehow I am always amazed at the amount of weeds that appear while I'm gone.

First, I must apologize for not blogging much while we were away. We did have my son Jake's laptop, and I was able to load most of the many hundreds of pictures I took onto Webshots each night, or at least get them off the camera and onto the computer. Here is a link to my Webshot Photos. But truthfully, I was just to tired out by the end of each day to do much of anything!! I have to confess, that I found it very difficult to keep up with my 76 year old in-laws and my hubby! We had such a great time though, it was worth the exhaustion. How many people can spend two weeks, all day, almost every day, driving with their in-laws and not even turn on the car radio?? I am so lucky to have them. Not that we didn't drive each other a bit crazy on occasion....thats normal though. In total, we drove almost 5,000 kms together.

I did not get one book read, and I barely even got started on my large circle penny rug that I am making, never mind working on the half dozen things I had brought along. I let Jeff do most of the driving, and I was in charge of the maps, triptik, and the GPS, which is a huge responsibility when you are taking the 'back' roads and scenic route!! Since the main part of the trip, was enjoying the scenery, we stopped alot, which made my mother in-law a little fidgety at first. When I explained that the trip is the driving, not necessarily the 'destination' she cottoned on pretty quick, and would get out and look around if she felt like it, or stay in the car, or sit in a lawn chair if she didn't want to move around. I was so disappointed to not get time (read energy) to visit Deanne's shop in Amherst. It was on a Sunday, and she had a prior commitment, and I could have tried to get one of the other girls to open up for me, but the desire (plus dragging three other adults who were NOT interested in rug hooking) and the time were against us. I did get to see a couple of other rug hooking shops though. I also managed to buy a couple of very small hooked mats for my tiny collection:)

My favourite part of the trip though, was spending time with my daughter Jess in St. Andrews NB. I told myself that I wouldn't cry when I saw her....but I failed miserably at that! We stayed in St. Andrew's for three nights, and Jess even stayed at our hotel on the Tuesday night, sleeping on the floor between our beds, just like when she was little. It was very, very, hard to say goodbye, and we all cried when we left; but as my father in-law Bert said to her: It's only 7 weeks until you are home again, which sounds much better than 49 days!

I will finish posting my pics and tales from my trip, but I thought that I would just say Hello to you all first; I don't seem to have the energy to get to the rest yet. Son Jake and daughter in-law Kerri were over last night for a visit, and she has been feeling so sick, that the doctor has signed her off of work for a couple of weeks. Pregnancy has made her bloom, yet she looks very tired. The diclectin didn't work for her, so she is trying to muddle along on her own. She has had to go to Emerg for some IV fluids as well. Poor Kerri:( I am sure that she wishes that this phase ends quickly.

Also, wanted to wish my Mom a Happy 70th Birthday, she celebrated on July 7th. We were on the road of course, and although I sent a card before we left, it was probably the first time that we hadn't spent her birthday together. Times and circumstances change of course, and we have to move along with them; but sometimes its hard. We don't have the relationship that we used to, and I am sad for that, but on the other hand, I can't afford to be stressed out all of the time either. This way is less stressful, but harder if you know what I mean.

Enjoy the pics of my gardens, while I go out and continue my weeding....