Day Six to Day Ten Syndey NS to St. Andrews NB

I couldn't resist this pic of McDonald's McLobster sign...

Day 6
Charlottetown PEI to Sydney NS is where we are going today. We had to get up early, and get loaded up for our drive to the ferry. Both Jeff and I were sad to be leaving PEI, and will probably rent a cottage there for a week at least at some point. Even though we spent two nights in PEI, we missed a lot, I'm quite sure. We found a man selling fresh strawberries from his truck and couldn't resist buying some!

Another great day, and we found the ferry to Nova Scotia with help from the GPS. The ferry was nice, and we saw a ton of Jellyfish in their harbour. We drove around Sydney and then settled in our hotel room for the others to have a drink or two before dinner. This hotel had a laundry, so I headed down to the laundry room and Jeff went to the fitness room to work out. The laundry room was busy, and when they wanted to go to dinner I just sent them on their own. I wanted to get everything clean and have a bubblebath! They brought me dinner when they returned, so I was all good.

Driving and exploring Nova Scotia. A few rocks found their way into my luggage, and we saw such beautiful sights.

We tired out Jackie and Bert again!

Day 7
We left Sydney NS and spent the day driving and travelling to Mary Smith's Bed and Breakfast in Whycocomagh NB.

Mary Smith's is our destination for tonight...but first we have to make our way through the Cape Breton Highlands, on the scenic route. We stopped at a few shops, and I picked up a couple of little hooked (with yarn) rugs/mats in Cheticamp. We also managed to get some great rocks while we were exploring. Jeff had to catch his breath every now and then cause the scenic route takes you through the mountains, and it is very scary for the driver, and the passenger! What I country I live in. I never really knew how breathtakingly beautiful our Canada is.

At one of our stops while climbing through the mountains, we found a lady who had stopped to use the outhouse. Her cat was travelling with her, and somehow he escaped into the edge of the woods. She finally caught him and was almost back to her car when the cat jumped out of her arms! We looked and looked, but finally left her sitting on a picnic table with the cat cage...she was determined to sit there all night waiting. I wonder if she is still there????

While going through the mountains, up and down, up and down, we came across a wee ferry in Englishtown. It was a brand new ferry, and we were lucky enough to be crossing it on it's first day! The 150 yard trip across cost a whole five dollars!

We also came across this very strange tableau....

And more beautiful scenery...

We finally arrive at Mary Smith's Bed and Breakfast!

And Mary herself...

Day 8
I woke up to another grand day, the damn sun was shining right in my window at about five thirty am! Mary was already up, had made biscuits, and set the table. She was driving down her lane way when I came out, she had gone to get us the morning paper. I loaded the GPS with our destination today, and Mary came ripping back, still wearing her apron! What a sweetheart she is. She must be close to eighty, and waddles like a penguin. I would have loved to bring her home with us; if only for those amazing tea biscuits and the fresh berries and cream. She also had homemade raspberry/rhubarb jam....very yummy. Good coffee too! We said our goodbyes and we made our way from Mary's B and B in Whycocomagh to Truro NS.

We had no sooner left Mary's place when we saw this strange sight....

Arrived in Truro NS fairly early for a change. We settled into our hotel and heard about the Tidal Bore which happens when the tide comes in from the Bay of Fundy. We headed over to watch it come in. It was pretty amazing when it finally roared through. After, we went back to the hotel and Jackie and I sunbathed by the pool for and hour or so. The water was way too cold for me, so I only got my toes wet. Jackie went in rather quickly, cause she slipped on the ladder, and got her legs all tangled up. The only way out of that mess was for her to go into the water. I think that temp of the pool was about 65 degrees! Here are some pics of the Tidal Bore.

Day 9
The drive from Truro to Hopewell NB was nice, nothing too spectacular, but the hotel looked pretty and our room was on the third floor, and it faced the Bay of Fundy. We arrived fairly early for a change, and quickly went exploring the area. We drove to Alma NB, where this bakeshop made the most heavenly sticky buns, and of course I like to support the local economy so I bought six:) Alma was beautiful, not very big, but pretty. We saw a little covered bridge, and some cool farms as well.

Jackie and I had decided that the men were going to have lobster tonight, cause we were tired of listening to the 'lobster' talk....sheesh, just buy it and eat it already!!! I wouldn't let them go to dinner until I saw the flowerpot rocks at Hopewell, so we didn't get to the restaurant until after eight that night.

The trip to the Hopewell rocks was terrific, much more glorious than I had anticipated, and of course we managed to bring home a few rocks from there.

We got a shuttle for Bert and Jackie to take to the water, but Jeff and I walked through the forest to the water which was about 1/2 a mile or so. When we arrived at the viewing area Bert and Jackie were already there! You had to go down quite a few metal stairs to get to the ocean floor, which was or destination. I made the mistake of looking out when climbing down, and got the was pretty high up. Jackie stayed behind as stairs are very difficult for her. She has had one knee replacement, is getting her other knee done in the fall, and has had hip surgery. Doesn't seem to slow her down to my speed though.

I got the shock of my life when I reached the bottom and looked up to take a picture of the steps....there was Jackie climbing down the wet metal steps, backwards no less. I thought for sure that she was going to go flying down those steps headfirst, but she made it! I sure didn't know how in the hell she was going to make it back up, but she was very proud of herself for doing it!! She is such a trooper, always pushing herself to at least attempt to do things.

After a wonderful visit at Hopewell Rocks, we can now, finally go to St. Andrews and see Jessica!