Day 4 to Day 7 Fredricton NB to Charlottetown PEI

Day 4
Driving from Fredricton NB to Charlottetown PEI across the Confederation bridge...Yikes! We had a great pancake breakfast before heading off to PEI.

We are staying in PEI for two nights, so that we have a little more time to explore the island. The weather is great, sun shining and not too hot. Our day of driving and exploring wouldn't be complete without a picture of 'sleepy and snoozy' in the backseat:)

We had a lovely drive to the turnoff to the Confederation bridge, when I saw the bridge, I made Jeff stop at the information building so that I could go inside and get some information leaflets and vomit in the bathroom! After that, I took a Gravol, and we drove across to the Island. It was 8 miles was crazy! A beautiful day, and once my heart got settled down, I enjoyed our drive. Did I mention before that I hate bridges/elevators/and those metal stairs where you can see through the backs of them?

The dreaded Confederation Bridge to PEI.

Bert and Jackie enjoying a little stretch while waiting for me to come out of the information centre.

God, will this damn bridge ride never end??

The island is so pretty, and the soil is red, and the beaches are full of cool rocks with shells! Jeff, Bert and I combed the beaches for treasures, while Jackie watched from her lawnchair.

It's hard work touring and beachcombing!

Since we arrived on July 1st, which is Canada Day, we got settled into our crappy hotel room in Charlottetown at the Best Western. It truly was crappy; we had to wait over an hour for our room, and it stunk like urine, had about 1 foot of walking space in the room, the fitness centre had only one slightly working machine, the internet worked for about 3 hours, and we were overcharged for the room. The town was very full of tourists like us, so we had little choice but to take the room. On the plus side, we headed back outside to explore Charlottetown and stopped at an Italian patio restaraunt for some real Italian pizza, and enjoyed the sunshine. In the evening, we went to the wharf and people watched, and then saw a fabulous fireworks display. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA!!

Jackie slugging back a Corona at a patio restaurant in Charlottetown.

We stayed there for two nights, and on the second day we went to visit family, Nancy and Bill, who were staying at a gorgeous cottage close to the bridge on the water. The tide was out so we got to visit and beachcomb at the same time!! They are such a nice couple, and we had a great little visit with them before heading back to the hotel.

Jackie and her niece Nancy

The view from Nancy and Bill's cottage.

The next morning we were going on the ferry to Nova Scotia! We were all glad to get away from that hotel, but we loved the island, and would love to go back for a week or two to explore it further. The people on PEI are so nice, relaxed and friendly. GPS is now set to help guide our way to Sydney Nova Scotia, and we head off on the bumpy roads of the East coast to the Ferry at Woods Island.

The ferry ride was wonderful, not too cold at all. We got to see a ton of heron's soaking up the sun, and hundreds of jellyfish floating about. We left Jackie and Bert inside out of the wind, where Bert managed to find some slot machines on board. With a soft bump our ferry landed at Carabou Nova Scotia. Look out Sydney, here we come!